SAP EP –SAP NetWeaver Portal – Development – NW (v – Col72)– NEW. SAP EP –SAP NetWeaver Portal – System Administration – NW Create a new portal application 3: Portal Service Development SAP NWDS Support for Portal Service Implementation Figure SAP. The SAP EP Development Certification Sample Question Set is prepared to make you familiar with actual SAP C_EP_ exam question format and exam.

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From the breakpoint’s pop-up menu, select Hit Count. Create Web Services 1 Figure Create a portal applicationb Figure URL access to portal components and services can occur directly or indirectly via an iView, and is controlled by means of progressive safety levels and permissions, which are assigned by system administrators to authorized users in the permission editor. Double click on the portalapp. Some of the tools and resources available to you as a developer are: Change the number of months displayed by the DateNavigator element.

The portal defines the following standard safety levels for initial portal content to which out-of-the-box groups and roles are assigned permissions note that the description of each safety level is based on the end-user permission setting only, regardless of the administrator permission setting: Take care to delete the user if an error occurs catch the appropriate exception and handle it.

SAP NetWeaver Portal – Development

The reason for this is that the Everyone and Authenticated Users groups are by default assigned end-user permission to ep1200 no safety and low safety levels, respectively, and thereby permit all anonymous and authorized user activity already. SAP NetWeaver has a solution for the complete life-cycle of portal content that does not require programming.


Ash and his friends stumble across Rochelle again as she tries to locate swp missing Donphan. Donphan starts off with Tackle, but Heracross uses Endure to resist the attack and tosses its opponent out of the way. While the ep1120 is enabled, thread execution suspends when the method is entered, before any line in the method is executed. There is comprehensive documentation to be found in the online help http: These default permissions are designed to provide maximum security for a freshly installed portal.

Formation – Michael J. Mutz

BreakpointsThe Breakpoints view lists all the breakpoints you have set in the workbench projects. Type Style Example text Description Words or characters that appear on the screen. If you select API, then the class is located in the public space and other components may access objects and methods defined in the class. For example, it could require password user-authentication, or an end-to-end environment, in addition to specific security requirements of the EIS.

Obtaining Information about the Current UserThis example illustrates how to obtain information about a user associated with the request.

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In the config section only two important properties are set. For convenience, the portal landscape servers should be entered in the preferences dialog so that it will be easier to upload on subsequent development sessions.

Container elements that hold other elements or compliment the other components Container Events For every button or link an event can be defined.

Ensure that you have the following code at the top of your JSP page: Click on the button Run next to the link HelloWorldComponent. Please write an email or call. From an application development spa, the portal component is a plugable component that is designed to be executed into a Portal environment. Upload and test the component.


From an application development perspective, a plug able component designed to be executed into a Portal environment. Portal Applications – ComponentsPortal Component Config The component config is a set of properties which configures the Portal Component class name, etc.

Ash and his friends come across a scenic valley, which they must pass in order to reach Violet City. Follow the detailed instructions in the Solutions. In this way, custom attributes that have the same name are stored in a different namespace el120 do not clash with each other. Change all literals to use the translatable language tokens.

C_EP120_701 PDF

Navigate to the Outline box, bottom left, right click on Welcome and select Add property in and component profile. The medium safety and high safety levels are typically reserved for sensitive applications, which require permission assignments that are targeted to specific users, groups, or roles.

Depending asp the target user, it is possible to define simple or more complex logging. Right mouse click and select execute to test Service. Select Caught if you want execution to suspend at locations where the exception is thrown but caught. Ash and Misty promptly send out Heracross and Poliwagrespectively. Typographic ConventionsAmerican English is the standard used in this handbook.