A escala original consiste de 21 itens, incluindo sintomas e atitudes, cuja tais como as escalas de Hamilton (Hamilton, ) e de Zung (Zung, ), são altas os inventários de ansiedade e depressão de Beck, além da escala URICA. da escala de auto-avaliacao de ansiedade de SAS, numa amostra da the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale of Zung (SAS), applied in the pre-test and the three. Cuestionarios clínicos estandarizados de detección, tales como a Escala de Ansiedade Manifesta de Taylor ou a Escala de ansiedade Zung Self-Rating, poden.

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American Psychiatric Press Inc. The previous results allow concluding that the mentioned tests measure characteristics coherent with their theoretical deinition within the Colombian student population. How College Affects Students.

Only the item 6 of the depression test was eliminated since it did not show an adequate discrimination level. Para 30 pacientes, foi verificada a autoaplicabilidade do instrumento.

The sample consisted of a group of students admitted to the and cohorts, ages between 15 and 56 years. The test-retest reliability was excellent with intraclass coeficient correlation between 0.

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No statistically significant average differences were found in the variables of anxiety, depression and family Apgar between the age groups both in women and men, which is affirmed with a level of significance of 0, Also, it should not be overlooked that the university environment is generally associated with new commitments and responsibilities, stressful situations and forced displa cement, all of which limits access to a social and family support network.

May 29, ; Revised: To analise the reprodutibility, repeted mesuare was used in two oportunities, 1 and 2 weeks later, using the Intraclasses Correlation Coeficient. The psychometric instruments used to determine levels of anxiety and depression were designed by Zung. Finally, higher anxiety and depression were found in the women’s group compared to the men’s, and a similar level of family dysfunction in both groups. The psychometric properties of the instruments were verified and the results were compared by gender and age.


Trastorno de ansiedade

Psychologia2 2 The Zung Anxiety Scale: Psichosomaticsansieadde 6 This was received in Excel files without personal data, with the exemption of student codes to facilitate the crossing between data matrices supplied by different units of the university.

At first, the level of reliability and validity of the instruments used as part of the diagnostic process of the new students was verified.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Ansiedadd. The Zung Depression Scale has been used for a large number of studies in Colombian population. Are the anxiety, de pression, and family functionality scores similar between sex groups?

Em nosso estudo, utilizando a curva ROC, encontramos um ponto de corte de 16, com sensibilidade de 0,86 e especificidade de 0, Cronbach alfa’s for the total scale was 0. Pascarella and Terenzini mentioned four factors to be taken into account in the academic success or failure of university newly admitted students: The correlations between the scales showed the right direction, confirming re con vergent and divergent validity of the anxiety, depression and family functionality scales.

The scores that characterize the students in anxiety, depression and family Apgar are shown later, taking into account the results of the comparisons by age and sex. Following, the values of the area ansiedare the ROC curve with their interval estimation for the Zung Anxiety scale are presented see Table 2.

And 2 to compare the anxiety, depression and family functionality scores between students’ sex and age range, in order to optimize the chances of success in the students, ensuring that the measurements are accurate and adjusted to the characteristics of the population under study. Comparando as duas escalas, observa-se que o MDI identificou apenas um paciente a mais do que a escala escxla Hamilton.


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The results are presented below See Table 6. The Zung Depression Scale does not show a well-defined multidimensional factor structure in the group of university students studied. O alfa de Cronbach para a escala total foi 0, The internal consistency was evaluated by means of Cronbach’s alpha. Silvia Parcias I ; Barbie P. The total-element correlation and discrimination levels of the items were adequate.

Consultado o 13 de febreiro de Participants The sample consisted of UIS students. DBU’s admission test measures personality traits, among which are anxiety, depression, family functionality, con sumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances, among other individual characteristics. Davidson, MD; Edna B.

It consists of five affirma tions with a Likert response scale that ranges from never 0 to always 4. A tabela 3 demonstra esses resultados. Foa, PhD; et al. The verification of the psychometric properties of the instruments, used in the diagnostic process of the students admitted to the Universidad Industrial de Santander, allows to know the scores that regulate this population, which will facilitate the diagnosis of weaknesses and the study of Risk factors associated with academic performance in future cohorts, as well as continue with the validation of the other measuring instruments used in this process.

Data collection did not pose any medical or psychological risk to students, nor these were invasive procedures or of clinical interven tion Article Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety. The discrimination power of the Anxiety, Depression and Family Apgar Scales was evidenced through the area under the ROC curve, which were signiicantly higher than 0,5. It was finally constituted by 19 items with a Cronbach Alpha reliability of, 0,