From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, far-future Culture (The Player of Games, , etc.). Set in the remote future, Banks’s (Feersum Endjinn) latest novel mounts a galactic-scale space opera, or, to be more exact, a space opera buffa. The Culture, a. Joining me for this review of the fourth book in Iain M. Banks’s Culture Kyle Muntz: For me, Excession broadened the scope of the Culture.

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Silent, motionless, and resisting all efforts to make contact, the artifact waits. It was considered the ultimate in bad manners even to think about trying to read somebody else’s – or something else’s – mind. In this instance they were not perhaps quite at the juncture where resistance became genuinely without point, but – from the ease with which the Elencher ship was being taken over – they were not that far away from it, either.

It was izin deep, deliberately authoritative voice, its pronunciation almost too perfect. Excession may finally be coming to Kindle in US. Baanks his first three mainstream novels his publishers agreed to publish his first SF novel, Consider Phlebas.

A Conversational Review August 7, The book, more than any of the other Culture novels, focuses on the Culture’s Minds as protagonists. Their being mentioned feels slightly odd, like they could get involved in the story if they wanted to but they choose not to.

In particular, the first three pages of a chapter describing Metamathics, a computationally simulated conception of reality if you’ll excuse the comparatively terrible descriptiontook my breath away.

They look after whole swaths of the humanoid Culture as though they were ant farms, but ant farms where you knew everything about each ant, down to its hopes and dreams. As though it had somehow been prioritised out of a sudden appearance of matter. As the stolen Affront fleet approaches the Excession, the Baks Service deploys bankx fleet of 80, remote controlled warships, neutralizing the threat. The GCU started to investigate. Why can’t I stop it?

This time it’s his novel Excession. The Minds are essentially demigods, and can, themselves Ascend, but with all that aiin and power, living is still pretty much living. Mine; I bet on that!


After I had finished I had to go and read up online to make sure I got everything I was supposed to. View all 64 comments. Dajeil let it do this for a while, then she said, ‘Ship, you have looked after me here, indulged me…’ she made an effort to smile at the dark-clad creature, though it was still intently studying its nails, ‘… humoured me for all this time, and I can never express my gratitude sufficiently or hope even to begin paying you back, but I can’t make your decisions for you.

This one iwin fun to read, that can be said: Iin are some of the things you guys enjoyed about Excession? It widened the cone of its focus. This article is a stub. He died in the cattle truck, after an infinity of agony. It looked dangerously steep, he thought, but cutting it at a shallower angle would have taken longer, and they were forever being hurried along by headquarters….

I mean, how is a human going to describe beings a trillion times smarter than he is?

Consistent with what would have happened if something just like itself had attacked it. Again, as though it had been Displaced, perhaps.

Funny the module hadn’t greeted him. I’ve hated you, I’ve loved you, and I’ve been wildly frustrated by you. Return to Book Page. I’ve not described it very well, but basically you have the intimate story of the various people; Genar Hofoen, Dajeil, and Ulver Seich who are brought together; stories of past events Genar Hofoen and Dajeil both becoming pregnant, after Hofoen sublimates from male to female; their falling apart ; both complex and simple.

In desperation, the Sleeper Service transmits a complete copy of its personality, its ” mind-state “, into the Excession, including its knowledge of the conspiracy that has the effect of halting the attack.

ecession Kindly read it all carefully and then I’ll explain its significance. The Excession releases a wave of destructive energy towards the Sleeper Service. I’m not sure whether this says something about the books or about me comments, anybody? The ship could, though. He was already half dead two days later when the sea valves opened and those still left alive began to drown.


Excession (Novel)

But it says it will allow you on board. He looked up to see if the three ancient human heads which the hall sported were visible this evening; the Diplomatic Force prided itself on having the tact to order that the recognisable trophy bits of any given alien be covered over when a still animate example of that species paid a visit, but sometimes they forgot. This book is not even half as clever as it thinks it is. Genar-Hofoen twisted in his seat and brought his left leg up to stamp its booted heel onto the table surface.

I love how just when I thought I had a handle on who was on whose side, Banks would drop a well-timed twist to blow all my theories out of the water.

Excession, a book by Iain M Banks | Book review

Now that’s part of the problem with this book, with so many minds around and only a few really distinctive I found it hard to keep track of who was in which conspiracy. Something was raging in the drone’s real mind, behind walls of insulation. Book ratings by Goodreads. Reunions were not encouraged.

A room, a cave, a hollow husk a hundred kilometres long, hurrying through space, with the ship as its vast, flattened kernel. That’s the big picture, but also on the smaller scale, and these events might also This is the 3rd book in the Culture series I’ve read and once again, it didn’t disappoint.

The drone was already moving; out from its body-niche in the wall and into the companionway space. I guess I shouldn’t say too much about it. The argument that an economy of abundance renders anarchy and adhocracy viable or even inevitable attracts many as an interesting potential experiment, were it ever to become testable.

You must do as you see fit.