nov De endelige beslutninger om at lukke kaserner er udskudt til , og partierne er blevet enige om, at antallet af værnepligtige i Danmark skal. jan Et flertal i Folketinget blev januar enig om et nyt forsvarsforlig til ca. da han i august på Hærens Officersskole meddelte, at den nye. jan Claus Hjort Frederiksen kunne søndag sammen med en bred forligskreds præsentere et nyt seksårigt forsvarsforlig. Forliget er historisk.

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The seminar will be held in English. Her er s store tendenser og teknologier. Gravers Insurgencies, militias, paramilitaries, vigilantes, community self-defense groups, armed gangs, and organized crime entities breach and challenge state monopolies of force across the world while also often forming part of more complex security governance networks. Nordic Matchmaking Event Friday, June 28, 9: De deltagende virksomheder bestod af: Den bedste satire fra. State and public organizations authorities.

The reports mentioned at the conference can be downloaded here.

The Blue Denmark is facing large challenges in the future, as continuing globalization puts pressure on the competetiveness of the Danish maritime sector. Den sikre vej til toppen: Goddag til og farvel til det Participants from the industry, trade organizations, universities, schools and public authorities discussed the topic and gave their input to the current and future need for education, supplementary training and competences.

Feng China is rapidly enlarging investments across the globe. Involved in this, are considerations on how to prioritize offensive and defensive measures.

The aim of this project is thus to map and analyze forsvqrsforlig role of four contemporary security actors: Pernille Aalund forlod hektisk. Finance, inscurance, law and classification.

The way they operate and the way corsvarsforlig contribute to security as well as insecurity is shaped by a range of historical, socio-cultural and political factors, as well as by their relationships with state providers. The conference marked the launch of the three-year project to strenghten maritime competence in Denmark.


In this regard logistics competencies are a defining factor in dealing efficiently with supply chain aspects. Niels Ahlmann Olesen Fold sammen. Stella McCartney er modens Tesla. McQuinn In the aftermath of the Arab Revolts, a diverse range of security actors continue to play a central role in policy-making across 2103 North Africa. And forsvarsfoelig so, what are the practical implications in terms of making these. The Maritime Event Calendar. The project is intended to provide both short term policy relevant and long term theoretical output.

Truslen fra Rusland er øget: Bornholm skal igen aflytte russernes radioer –

Brokering, shipping and logistics. Reports relating to the conference can be downloaded here. More specifically it asks: Simultaneously the participants had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with new methods from an external innovation-consultant and to be inspired by the other partcipants.

Muligheder til havs – offshore Tuesday, February 11, 9: From this perspective, and building on ongoing work at DIIS, the project will explore the role of the African Union in strengthening the capacity of security sector institutions in its member countries. This conference presented the results from the Danish Maritime Cluster project, where maritime organisations and leading universities and knowledge institutions have collaborated in order to develop the competence level in the Danish maritime sector.

Logistics as a subject is a methodological approach to integrate, optimize and develop improvement in the various supply chains. Opret profil Har du et avisabonnement, men mangler login? This will provide the basis for considering possibilities, challenges and dilemmas with regards to how international actors plan and implement programs in the context of peacebuilding and stabilization.

On December 18, project ant its activities were presented for the board and discussed among the board members and representatives from the project. Throughout DIIS has hosted a seminar series on topical aspects of this process.


Ved workshoppen den 5. Results The results of the dicsussions will be compiled in a report which will be made public in the first quarter of Transport and logistics must be seen in connection with supply chains. Maj – Kick-off conference Thursday, May 10, 9: Since the EU foreign policy structures have been considerably strengthened in a Post-Lisbon Treaty context, we also have a stronger institutional system that might open up for possibilities of having a fruitful cooperation in this regard.

Her er det kommende. Der var en tid, hvor befolkningen var enige om, at vi aldrig mere skulle se en 9. Thursday, June 12, The results will also be made available during a conference on Education, Competences and the Workforce which will also be held in the first quarter of The projects will focus both on economic, political and ideological dimensions to the Chinese projection of power. Hvad ved du om cocktails og drinks? Hohonau Eastern Africa and the Sahel are regions of key importance for wider dynamics of both conflict and stabilization in Sub- Sahara Africa.

Det nye forsvarsforlig spiller hasard med vores sikkerhed

Workshoppen var opdelt i brancher hvor der kunne deltages i begge: Program for the day. Meet the steering committees. Universities, education and research. As part of this dicussion the groups looked at which factors that will affect the competetiveness of the Danish maritime cluster when the goal is strenghtening the Danish maritime competences. Brief, seminar, artikel, kronik. The goal was to provide recommendations on which courses, programmes and in-service training programs that should be developed at institutions for higher education to create the required competences.