Since Pep Guardiola’s naming as trainer of FC Barcelona’s 1st team, Professor Seirul-lo has collaborated closely with Guardiola to build what. To listen to Paco , a master teacher of physical preparation, is always a treat for the mind, body and soul. Nobody can dissect football. @article{DBLP:journals/ijcssport/Vargas03, author = {Francisco Seirul{-}lo Vargas}, title = {Dynamic Systems and Performance in Team Sports}, journal = { Int. J.

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Valencia keen on signing Mexican striker Chicharito Hernandez. Apunts Medicina de l’Esport, 24 93 The context in each case is different, the methodology is different and the path is different too. By analysing the technical abilities of a particular sport in the way it has been proposed, we will be able to define in a more precise way the technical training goals for this sport specialty and, in addition, to propose a more individualized technical learning. Methods of cognitive training must reach a profound knowledge of the sport and sport specialty, or of the specific position to which the athlete must adapt all the achieved skills.

We must construct specific exercises of structural training that provide such continuously dynamic inter-activity; in contrast to the repetitive and analytical training exercises typically used by individual sports and based on other theories. Thus, the output of these network processes is self-organization; the differential auto-organization based on processes of qualitative production which bring about each unique human being.

The Meaning of Technique in Different Sports. The 3rd Contribution of the Systems Theory to the Development of Training We know that the function of the components of such networks is to participate in the production or transformation of other components of the network. La estructura de lo complejo.

Consequently, an sportsman will possess a good technical grancisco the best he adjust his franvisco to the ideal model, in addition to the best he can control it to obtain maximal performance during real competition.

The 1st Contribution of the Systems Theory to the Development of Training This systematic and holistic conception of the player will provide clues about the conditions under which the athlete must develop his training activity in order to obtain his differential autostructuring. The observation of a technique can be assessed from a formal and a real point of view.


Who can say that the ideal technical model seirkl a person 15 years old must be the same than his ideal technical model when hi be 25 years old, when changes as corporal dimensions, weight, franciscoo, concept of movement, contents, tactics, have occurred.

In order to determine the different meaning of a technical concept, it is necessary to analyse each sport specialty independently.

Revealed: The secrets of the Barcelona method have been unveiled

What it is really relevant is to know how technique is evaluated in our sport specialty in order to plan learning and training goals depending on the real demands of that speciality. There also exist options based on mistakes, proposed by Korengergfor knowing the real origin of errors during the execution of technical skills.

By doing that, different technical aeirul will be emphasized for each learning stage. These three type of learning must grow up homogeneously to perform in different sports; however, in each sport they will be emphasized particularly. Moving the ball is not a meaningless game. He makes a proposal, shown in figure 5, about the francisvo of a desired motor act. Model of a Structural Micro-cycle. It is advisable to use secured cards, but it should be the bank of the client that deals with it, so contact your bank to make purchases with your card in our store.

Francisco Seirul-Lo

All of them are related to the athlete. Based on Volpert, Reider define the following cognitive objectives to practice: No customer reviews for the moment.

A technical defect or a postural or muscular tone control defect, based on a kinesiological-postural criterion, francksco be very prejudicial for a future sport life.

In professor Seirul-lo achieved a historic double award for being a key component, together with his two former pupils Valero Rivera and Pep Guardiola as coaches, in simultaneously building two teams, FC Barcelona’s Handball team and Football team, that are considered by experts around the world as the best of all times, in quality of play, consistency of performance, and human values. The distinguished professor showed the pillars that Barcelona build upon to prepare physically, which is customised to the smallest detail to maximise the physical work.

Therefore, the indirect assessment conditions of a technique permit to classify sports, at least, in these two cited groups. Of Muller of or Messi? Likewise, he has outstanding experiences in the field of physical education and of the sports initiation.

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The interrelation is so that a single factor modify all others; and external aspects are the manifestation of all of them together. For each stage we will define the differential criteria for the formation of the technical ability, as a consequence of an organized training under the parameters we have mentioned.

Paco Seirul·lo – Soccer Science Lab

Next, relations with the teammates-opponentsobject must be established to feed llo Socio-Affective Structure. In order to improve coordination capacities Manno proposes motor execution goals in conditions that assure the participation of all coordination capacities and specially the predominant coordination capacities in a concrete sport speciality.

This paradigm, now in recession, has dominated our culture for several hundreds of years, during which it has been constituted our occidental society and considerably influenced the rest of the world. Finally, it only remains to point out that the technical training proposed is senseless if it is not done in concordance with the tactical training which has been systematically ignored due to the nature of this article.

Revealed: The secrets of the Barcelona method have been unveiled | bar

Our proposal for team sports and sports of similar characteristics is: This success will permit him to stay during a longer period of time competing with a high level of motivation to do that. Last items in stock! Practical Consequences Figure 1. Verjoshanskij develop different meanings of technique even within the same sport athletics.

And lastly, the Emotional- Volitional Structure must be engaged by living out specific moments of personal challenge and commitment. He is the only professional coach ever to have won a European Cup in two different sports handball and soccer. We believe that there is lack of a third or fourth stage of technical training. Professor Seirul-lo is often invited as a lecturer to international conferences in physical education, sports training, and adjuvant training.

The aptitude of a person to acquire these abilities is understood as capacity Thiess,