FTTX Concepts and Applications [Gerd Keiser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book presents fundamental passive optical network. This book presents fundamental passive optical network (PON)concepts, providing you with the tools needed to understand,design, and build. FTTX concepts and applications / by Gerd Keiser. p. cm. — (Wiley series in telecommunications and signal processing) “A Wiley-Interscience publication.

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Upstream nm voice and data traffic in the form of ATM cells is transmitted by means of a time-division multiple access TDMA protocol. The following acronyms are used to refer to variations on premises that contain multiple groups of users: Downstream transmissions use a nm wavelength for voice and data and a nm wavelength for video distri- bution.

Wiley-IEEE Press

This structure is called either a Fabry—Perot inter- ferometer or an etalon. Examples of this are data and still-image transfers, airline reservations, and banking or keiwer transactions.

The photodiode dark current ckncepts from electrons and holes that are thermally generated at the pn junction of the photodiode. However, running a high-speed link from a local convergence point to the premises is expensive in relation to an individ- ual user, since the implementation cost cannot be shared among many customers. Similarly, the ONT needs to have electric con- nections for telephone, Internet, and video services to the customer premises.

For SDH systems the fundamental building block is the Voice and data traffic is transmitted aoplications by the ONT using a nm wavelength at a data rate of up to Mbps. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the signal that is received.

Wiley-IEEE Press: FTTX Concepts and Applications – Gerd Keiser

Dynamic bandwidth allocation DBA is a methodology that allows quick reap- portioning of bandwidth on the PON based on current traffic requirements. This can enable an increase in services and in capacity of the net- work without investing in a new or refurbished outside cable plant. As we describe in more detail in Appendix D, a CRC is a polynomial code that is based on a binomial division process.


Then rays outside the accept- ance cone shown in Figure 2. The term noise describes unwanted components of a signal that tend to disturb the transmission and processing of the signal in a physical sys- tem.

The destination equipment is responsible for reassembling the fragments into the original packet format. Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks.

The ITU provides a forum where governments and private-sector organizations coordinate standards and regulations for global telecom networks and services. Description This book presents fundamental passive optical network PON concepts, providing you with the tools needed to understand, design, and build these new access networks. Connector adapters in a patch panel Optical Flyleads with Connectors on power attached distribution splitter connectors fiber cable Figure 6.

FTTX Concepts and Applications – Gerd Keiser – Google Books

Since conventional optical receivers are designed to accept optical signals with a constant amplitude and phase, they are not suitable for the burst-mode operation characteristic of PONs.

For such a case we can consider a simple geometric optics approach using the concept of light rays.

The function of the LLC is to provide address and control mechanisms to enable data exchange between end users. ONT1 sends two voice signals at 64 kbps each; every 10 seconds ONT2 sends 1-second bursts of information at a rate of 10 Mbps; ONT3 sends only idle cells at a rate of 10 per second. Typical applictions include frame relay service, store-and-forward non-real-time video applictaions audio, and client—server applica- tions such as banking transactions and reservation systems.


Some basic passive functions and the devices that enable them are as follows: Details are given in Chapter 4. It is therefore necessary to use burst-mode receivers which can adapt to the variation in optical power and phase alignment on a packet-by-packet basis. In this case the signal amplitude changes from packet to packet, depend- ing on how far away the ONT is from the central office.

As described in Chapter 6 the name triple play means that it can handle three separate services simultaneously.

FTTX Concepts and Applications

Since the longest allowable Ethernet frame is bytes, the PDU can be up to bytes long. Thus, an indoor Keieer is much less expensive and more reliable than an out- door supply, which is exposed to harsher environments.

Constant bit rate CBR. An Instructor’s Manual presenting detailed solutions to all theproblems in the book is available from the Wiley concets. This allows services to 20, orcustomers. Since these loading coils are incompatible with ADSL, a customer cannot receive ADSL service if such an amplifying coil is located in the line between the central office and the customer.

The multiplexed downstream signal is broadcast to all the subscribers.

An important ingredient of G. The most popular error-correction codes are cyclic codes. Among the most important of these are: References to this book Passive Optical Networks: How many kbps signals can be transported over this link using an ATM protocol that maps byte segments of information plus a 1-byte header into the byte ATM appliications payload?