Obedece a la existencia de factores que operan sobre regiones u órganos perturbando alguna de las fuerzas que componen la ley de starling. Transcript of Edema. Edema. Tipos: Circunscrito Generalizado Definición Incremento clínicamente Alteración de las fuerzas de Starling. – Daño capilar. Edema Agudo Pulmonar No Cardiogénico (EAPnC): también denominado de capilar pulmonar, que ocasionará desequilibrio en las fuerzas de Starling, esto.

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Pc tiende a seguir P corriente abajo Pv. Entre endotelio cap y liq int. These proteins are statling to the extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton by associated linking proteins and are yet to be identified. Microvascular Ultrastructure Alterations in microvessel ultrastructure potentially contribute to alterations in both blood flow and the transport of materials across the capillary wall, starlibg where capillary density is unchanged.

In the latter case, plasma and tissue oncotic pressures may have a negligible influence on the net driving force.

Reactive Oxygen Species ROS There are extensive data suggesting that oxidative stress plays erema important role in the mechanisms of aging in multiple tissues [] see also Chapter Vascular endothelial growth factor and the regulation of angiogenesis. Surprisingly, there is as yet no striking consensus for the effects of aging on capillary density within the brain.

Brain Res Dev Brain Res.

Angiogenesis in the central nervous system: Reduced release of nitric oxide to shear stress in mesenteric arteries of aged rats. The latter response is however most likely transmitted along the smooth muscle cell layer. Because both hydrostatic and oncotic forces are normally expressed in units of mmHg.

The extremely limited data assessing the dynamic processes of changes in cerebral blood flow represent an important missing link in our analyses of age-related changes in CBF.

Edema by Janet Enriquez on Prezi

We conclude that limb capillary filtration coefficient is dependent on the site of measurement. Age-related alterations have been described in capillary endothelial cells, their basement membrane, in pericytes, and in the astrocytic endfeet that are opposed to the abluminal vascular surface reviewed in [7]; see also [54]. Discontinuous capillaries as found in sinusoidal tissues of bone marrow, liver and spleen have little or no wdema function.


Additional studies revealed, however, that the extent of the effect was reduced with age. They are also involved in binding cations such as sodium, potassium and calcium and water, and also regulating the movement of molecules through the matrix.

Decreases in cerebral microvasculature with age are associated with the decline in growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1. De la Torre JC.

Sympathetic nerves can modulate vasomotion and cause contraction. Prostanoids The role of prostanoids, which include prostaglandins, prostacyclin, and thromboxane, in vascular regulation is well known. Venous constriction increases PC, whereas venous dilation decreases PC. Stereological changes in the capillary network of the aging dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus. Taken together, the available literature suggests there is a substantial rarefaction of surface arterioles and limited but significant changes in capillary density in some regions of the brain, including the hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

There are, in fact, numerous reports of age-related rarefaction or loss of arterioles in many tissues throughout the body including cardiac and skeletal muscle [22—24] ; however, only a few investigators have studied the effects of aging on the density of cerebral arterioles.

The filtration coefficient is the product of these two components: Aging increases PGHSdependent vasoconstriction in rat mesenteric arteries. The Kv channel inactivation results from sustained depolarization.

Barton and colleagues [] reported a rise in plasma endothelin-1 ET-1 levels with increasing age stsrling old female Ro-Ro Wistar rats 32 to 33 months. There is some evidence that vesicles can fuse together creating pores across endothelial cells c in preceding figure.

Microcirculación y circulación linfática

Effects of aging and vincamine derivatives on pericapillary microenvironment: Thus, aging-related changes in microvascular structure and plasticity potentially contribute in multiple ways to the decline in cognitive function that accompanies brain aging. This age-related decrement in microvascular plasticity is consistent with reports that synaptic and dendritic plasticity also are reduced in old animals [79].

In the systemic circulation, both an increase and a decrease in nitric oxide synthase NOS activity have been reported [, ], as well as an age-associated decrease in agonist-induced vascular cGMP levels [, —].

More recently, a substantial age-related rarefaction of the surface arterioles that supply the parenchymal vessels of the cerebral cortex was reported [24, 27]. By convention, outward force is defined as positive, and inward force is defined as negative.


Other studies have shown that the blunted vasodilatory response of aged vessels to administration of ACh or SNP, while partially attributable to dysregulation of NO, syarling be partially or completely reversed by inhibition of COX [, ] or PGHS2 [].

Hagstadius S, Risberg J. PGI2 es ijmpo en dilatar los vasos pulmnoares al nacimiento. Measurement is typically made by venous occlusion plethysmography using either the upper or lower limb, but a variety of measurement protocols have been used and the importance of the site of measurement remains unclear.

Starling equation – Wikipedia

Zagzag D, Capo V. Otra posibilidada en transcitosis. A dw on the microvasculature of the cerebral cortex. Finally, either unchanged [, ] or increased eNOS protein expression has been reported in aged vasculature [, —]. Age-related decrease of protein kinase G activation in vascular smooth muscle cells.

In addition to studies of humans, regionally specific, aging-related declines in CBF are found in both rodents and nonhuman primates [14—18]. Conducted dilations are initiated by the application of endothelium-dependent stimuli which result in local hyperpolarization. Larger lymphatics also have smooth muscle cells. A hypothesis and computer model. To reliably reveal the regional and temporal patterns of microvascular changes, however, it will be necessary to analyze many neural areas in a single species at multiple ages using a consistent methodology.

Recent studies by Sonntag et al. Although a number of cellular and subcellular correlates of this decline have starlinb identified to date, there is no single unifying hypothesis for the decline in function of the CNS and increased risk of disease with age. Generally, vasoconstriction is initiated at membrane receptors that are coupled through a GTP-binding protein Gq to phospholipases, which generate the second messengers diacylglycerol and inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate IP3which activate protein kinase C PKC.

In some tissues it is slightly subatmospheric, whereas in others it is slightly positive.