La Galaxia Gutenberg. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Círculo de La Galaxia Gutenberg: Génesis Del Homo Typographicus · Marshall McLuhan. No preview. La galaxia Gutenberg: génesis del “Homo typographicus”. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Planeta-Agostini, – pages. Galaxia Gutenberg (Romanian Edition) [Marshall Mcluhan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lectura obligatorie pentru toti care locuiesc in.

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McLuhan cites plenty of examples along the course of history of writing and print to etch out a strong case for what he is most famous for discussing: The global village In the early s, McLuhan wrote that the visual, individualistic print culture would soon be brought to an end by what he called “electronic interdependence”: This book helped me see a lot of my assumptions about the way the world is based on print culture, and helped me appreciate some seemingly gutenebrg Internet trends as more meaningful as new ways of thinking and communicating.

Ce inseamna azi tipar si scris, comunicare scrisa, audio-vizual si retea informatica de diseminare a celorlalte tipologii comunicationale este la fel de revolutionar pentru omul care creste odata cu ele, la fel cum pe vremea varstei medii, evul mediu unui marshzll simplu-i era dat sa afle tainele alfabetizarii si incarcarii de a scrie si folosi asta in scopul ridicarii sale in contextul vietuirii tiparului conviv de atunci.

Insa ceva ce nu toata lumea a observat, la lecturarea textului lui McLuhan, este acel simplu episod prin care el explica faptul ca vulnerabilitatea unei populatii actuale la modul de a exprima discursiv in intentie comerciala a comunicatorilor publici pentru receptorii pe care i-au atras este pusa pe seama unei neglijente care evolueaza treptat la nivelul gandirii, la modul ca sintetizand, memoria colectiva si sau individuala este in raport cu acelasi referent de scurta durata si atunci pe o contextualitate a opticii si paradigmei capitaliste, profitul este obtinut si pe cai vizibile dar ascunse in acelasi timp.

Oct 20, Jennifer rated it liked it. Cornelius Maher rated it really liked it Feb 02, Quotes from La marshal Gutenberg. Certainly the McLuhan test can marzhall applied to the Gutenberg Galaxy itself. If men decided to modify this visual technology by an electric technology, mcluuan would also be modified.

I’m sure your book is as genius as everyone says amrshall is. Of particular importance to the Oral Culture is the Art of memory.

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La galaxia Gutenberg

Review is on my site: Nevertheless, this was fascinating, enlightening, and challenging. The scholars he quotes and then misinterprerates are at times more interesting than his own ideas.

According to McLuhan, the invention of movable type greatly accelerated, intensified, and ultimately enabled cultural and cognitive changes that had already been taking place since the invention and implementation of the alphabet, by which McLuhan means phonemic orthography. And since most of his sources are from research papers and the like, their intended audience is experts, and possibly interested and educated amateurs.

I grew up with parents who quoted “the medium is the message” and used it as part of our answering machine message, but never read any McLuhan till this one. No trivia or quizzes yet.

It sometimes felt like I was reading the most enjoyable annotated bibliography ever, or a medieval text with glosses and super-glosses. A Guide to the Information Millennium.

La galaxia Gutenberg: génesis del “Homo typographicus” – Marshall McLuhan – Google Books

This was a fun and inspiring book, and there were points at which I would have considered just giving it five stars despite some of its obvious flaws and the fact that it is quite dated. McLuhan’s work is viewed as one of the cornerstones of the study of media theory. Jan 07, Toria rated it liked it. Perrystroika rated it really liked it Oct 23, It helped establish Marshall McLuhan as the original I’m enjoying this book a great deal so far.

He discusses how new technologies possess the mccluhan to hypnotize because they isolate the senses” “Will you at least stop looking at your phone when we’re talking? The book is unusual in its design. I found this to be wonderfully transparent and to give a sense of the relative weight of each author in relation to McLuhan’s thought.

He was able to have the foresight to see how different technologies would effect culture as a whole. Vergleichbar dem Vorgang zu Beginn der Digitalisierung, als allerdings neben dem gleichzeitigen Entstehen originaerer Inhalte eine Vielzahl analoger Inhalte Fotos, Gemaelde, Print Buecher, Vezeichnisse gescanned und in Datenbanken abgelegt wurden.

Apropos of his axiom, ” The medium is the message ,” McLuhan argues that technologies are not simply inventions which people employ but are the means by which people are re-invented. No lo recomiendo, pero me Review completo en: Here is the guy who coined the phrase “global village” in the ’60s in reference to what he thought the effect of electronic technology would have on the world. Sumi rated it really liked it Dec 09, Throughout Finnegans Wake Joyce specifies the Tower of Babel as the tower of Sleep, that is, the tower of the witless assumption, or what Bacon calls the reign of the Idols.


Dans la Galaxie de Gutenberg Marshall McLuhan presente sa grande these que ce n’est pas le contenu du message mais son medium presse ecrite, television, radio, etc.

McLuhan doesn’t seem to be even trying sometimes: In some sense, this is a difficult book. In schools or at mcluan or in the street, where children are taught to learn by heart, to memorize, nursery rhymes or poems or songs, then they can be said to participate in the oral tradition. Here’s the guy who galaxai again, in the ’60s that color T I’ve never been able to precisely describe what it is McLuhan did exactly because he was so singular.

Is it not obvious that there are always enough moral problems without also taking a moral stand on technological grounds? Should be read with Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy: According to McLuhan, the advent of print technology contributed to and made possible most of the salient trends in the Modern period in the Western world: Consider the following sentence: The present book is a footnote of explanation to his work.

That was how it came across to me, at least. Dans ce livre McLuhan essaie de demontrer que l’invention de la presse par Gutenberg a donne naissance au rationalisme, au dualisme, a la standardisation, et a l’uniformisation culturelle a l’echelle planetaire.

La galaxia Gutenberg by Marshall McLuhan. Lots of tiring western white male centricism.

The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man

So is it worth reading? Is it not obvious that there are always enough moral problems without also taking a moral stand on technological grounds? Books by Marshall McLuhan. I must say, though, it did have some really interesting and diverse links that I enjoyed a great deal: The moral valence of technology’s effects on cognition is, for McLuhan, a matter of perspective.

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