The Book Stylistics by Galperin. Uploaded by Alexei Galaktionov. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online. English Stylistics has 38 ratings and 2 reviews. The textbook discusses the general problem of style, gives a stylistic classification of English vocabul. About I.R. Galperin: Ilya Romanovich Galperin ( – ) was a notable linguist, professor of the Moscow State Linguistic University.. I.R. Galperin.

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English Stylistics by I.R. Galperin

Sytlistics rated it really liked it Jun 08, Preview — English Stylistics by I. Emotiveness is an integral part of expressiveness and, as a matter of styylistics, occupies a predominant position in the category of expressiveness. It is highly resistant to innovations of speech. In this connection A. Here styllistics shall confine our attention to the study of the functional styles bred within the literary written standard.

Of these words only freshman in the sense of ‘first-year student’ and byword in the sense of ‘a saying’ remain styliwtics the language. The result in many cases is that the language steps over the threshold of the reader’s ability to perceive the message. Some of these ob – servations are dressed up as epigrams or sententious maxims like the ones quoted above.

As galoerin be shown later this twofold application of language means in some cases presents no difficulty. To answer these questions it is first of all necessary to elucidate the notion ‘expressiveness’. The peculiar choice of language means is primarily predetermined by the aim of the communication with the result that a more or less closed system is built up.

It must be remembered that we touch upon the differences between the two varieties of the English language within standard literary English. A too strong logical emphasis may colour the utterance with emotional elements, thus causing a kind of expressiveness which is both logical and emotive. That is why stylistocs is said that the written language bears a greater volume of responsibility than its spoken counterpart. The same idea, only slightly modified, is expressed by J.

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It has great powers of endurance. At this conference lines were drawn along which studies in lingvo-stylistics might be maintained. Once they have been recognized as independent, more or less closed subsystems of the standard literary stylistivs, they should be regarded not as styles of speech but as styles of language, inasmuch as they can be patterned as to the kinds of interrelation between the component parts in each of the styles.

The spoken language by its very nature is spontaneous, momentary, fleeting. The inventory of special language media can be analyzed and their ontological features revealed if presented in a system in which the co-relation between the media becomes evident. The individuality of a writer is shown not1 only in the choice of lexical, syntactical and stylistic galpeerin but also in their treatment.

Most illustrative of this tendency is George Saintsbury’s statement made as far back as Frequent translations were now made from the Greek and Latin classic writers. A somewhat broader view of style is expressed by Werner Winter who maintains that “A style may be said to be sstylistics by a pattern of recurrent selections from the inventory of optional features of a language. The form into which the ideas are wrought assumes a greater significance and therefore arrests galpsrin attention.

So far the system of stylistic devices has not been fully recognized as legitimate members of the general system of language.

This can indirectly be proved by the fact that they have no special name in the English stylistisc system of SDs. It sets up a number of rules as to how to speak and write well and generally “discards all kinds of deviations as being violations of the norm.

English Stylistics

See also the bibliography on p. Chat man in The influence of these learned courtiers would be in the galpsrin of correctness and elegance of utterance,1 in opposition to the more careless and unstudied speech of the mere men of fashion.

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Adyusha galperln it it was amazing Feb 18, Peculiar Use galperim Set Expressions Here are some more of them.

Interaction of Logical and Emotive Meanings. The interaction of these three factors is reflected in the grammars and books on rhetoric of the time, which serve to illustrate to the present-day reader the fluctuation of the norms then existing, as gal;erin as the linguistic ideas, tastes and credos of the scholars who laid down the law.

But a writer with a genuine individual style will as much as possible avoid those language peculiarities which point to his breeding and education in order to leave room for that deliberate choice of language means which will secure the effect sought.

The extremes are apparent, but border cases are blurred. Sometimes, however, the twofold application of a lexical unit is accomplished not by the interplay of two meanings but by two words generally synonyms one of which is perceived against the background of the other. Everything that fails to meet this requirement should be excluded from linguistics.

The meanings run parallel: Some of them become very useful by revealing the springs which make our utterances emphatic, effective galpfrin goal-directed. Here we shall only point out the most essential sides of the problem, viz.

The branching off of stylistics in language science was indirectly the result of a long-established tendency of grammarians to confine their investigations to sentences, clauses and word-combinations which are “well-formed”, stulistics use a dubious term, neglecting anything that did not fall under the recognized and received standards.

It must be noted here that due to the generally emotional character of colloquial language, all kinds of set expressions are natural in every-day speech.

Sunbury, for a moment forgetting her grammar. Special Literary Vocabulary t