The INI Intelligent Network Interface module pro- vides a system that allows you to create a powerful and highly reliable peer-to-peer, token ring. Series Installation/Operating Manual — P/N J 08/28/08 The Gamewell-FCI is a multiprocessor-based analog/addressable system. FCI IN NORMAL CONDITION. JANUARY 20, AM. PTRM. CAOM MODULE. (SEE BELOW). TB2. TB3. TB4. TB6. TB9. TB2. TB1. 4 3 2 1. TB1. 1.

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Main Display shows a log entry Scrolls through all logged events, beginning with the most recent Each signaling line circuit can accommodate 99 sensor address points, using Address numbers 01 to Opens Show Events Menu.

Clear Log Hard reset will eliminate all events stored in the buffer memory. Opens Account Options Menu for Gamedell 1. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Main [DFLT ] 1: Opens Set Weekend Schedule Menu. Opens System Config Menu for viewing only This switch must be pressed once for each Trouble or Supervisory condition present in the system.


Honeywell Gamewell 7100 Series Installation & Operating Manual

Prompts for OK; if accepted, clears the Event Log and resets panel. Installation Precautions Installation Precautions Adherence to the following will aid in problem-free installation with long-term gaemwell It is suitable for the following signaling services: Do not over-tighten screw terminals. INPUTS Allow the user to insert point-to-point address information to sensors and monitor points individually for device Print Log [LOG ] 3: Don’t show me this message again.

Opens Set Night Hours Menu. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Smoke detector with built-in wireless transmitter 4 pages.

Page 43 Main [SET ]1: Gameqell [SET ] 1: The audible appliances will sound twice for a trouble, 3 times for a supervisory signal and 4 times for an alarm. Opens Set Holiday Schedule Menu.

The is intended for installation indoors, in a dry location. Most system as well as individual Gaemwell device programming can be accomplished here. I Page 3 of The D provides the following functions: If no time is set here, the system will always remain in the Day mode.

  DSPIC 33EP256MU806 PDF

Fire Alarm System Limitations Do not over-tighten screw terminals. It can also energize a solenoid for releasing.


Sensitivity Report Will send sensor sensitivity information to the RS port. Optional Modules Optional Modules 3.

Disconnect all To keep your fire alarm system in excellent sources of power before servicing, removing, or working order, ongoing maintenance is required inserting any circuit boards. All Rights Reserved Published in U.

Opens Print Log Menu. Scrolls up or down to next available device. Amplifiers for series and r relay modules 8 pages.

System Programming System programming can be performed either by front panel programming as shown below or via portable computer and the Gamewell-FCI Field Configuration Program. This switch must be pressed once for each Alarm condition present in the system.