Gem WK2 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Gem WK2 Owner’s Manual. View and Download GEM WK2 owner’s manual online. WK2 Musical Instrument pdf manual download. GEM WK 2 Oriental. . WK2 Oriental contains 96 styles (included 32 Arabic, 4 Greek and 4 Turkish styles) with.

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As an alternative, you can use the Fill or Ending as an intro.


Style, Song Style And Song Rear Panel Wk2 connections It is possible to inde- pendently disconnect each track from the internal sound engine. Delete Delete The Delete function allows the cancellation of a single file from a floppy disk or Hard Disk partition. Activation Of The Vocal Processor How To Program The Performances This allows you to listen to the harmonised effect of the Vocal P.

Recognising Files With Extensions Assigning Midi Channels General Disk Handling Information Avoid forcing a disk into the drive and hold the disk straight while inserting it. Performance Styles, the configuration of tracks gen not influence either playing mode track 9 is used by the Padsbut if you are programming WK2 for use as a multi-timbral slave device, all 16 tracks are taken into consideration. Demo Demo How to listen to the Demo Styles At any moment you can listen to the automatic playback of your WK2 to get an idea of what gdm instrument is capable of doing.


Pads vocal P Active Front Panel Wk2 The Utility Section Vocal Processor Edit To gain access to the functions, as well as following the instructions outlined below, it orienntal also possible to follow a shorter and more direct route: Var 1, Var 2, Var 3, Var 4 Page wi2 Ejecting a Floppy Disk When a track is shown flashing and the assigned Sound appears in the 8 digit display zone, you can modify the volume level by rotating the DIAL.

What Is A Song Technical Specifications Wk2 Arabic Scale A special section containing 12 buttons lets you select and play scale with microtuned notes as required by Oriental music.

The Arranger Section Control Changes On The Track Arrange Mode Arrange Mode The WK2 has 4 different Chord recognition modes which trigger the automatic accompani- ment in various different ways: Transpose The Instrument semitones The Sample Edit Parameters 3. The corresponding display indicator turns on to show that the current Performance is processed by the relative effect.


Performances to disk before using restore.

The relative SysEx strings for the parameters in question are as follows Utility Orlental The Utility page contains useful file handling functions both for Floppy disk as well as Hard disk. PLAY function is off, then press the corresponding function button F1 … F9 to enable the track flashing.

Oriental Keyboards for Sale – forum GEM WK2 Oriental – Audiofanzine

You can also program and save up to 8 styles. The Style Tempo If you rotate the Dial, the Tempo will change.

Piloting an expander or other keyboard with WK Select one of the first 8 buttons under the display F1…F8.