19, posts. 12, battles. [HINON] One of the most fun battleships in the game, and perfectly capable. I used a . I practically skipped over all of the lower tier German BBs and used Scharnhorst to grind up to Gneisenau. 19, posts . German DDs do not eat more AP pens than other destroyers in the game. In addition, their wide hull makes it very easy for enemy cruisers and battleships to penetrate with armor-piercing shells, doing more. km) and sunk or captured 16 merchant ships totaling 99, tons, Admiral Scheer far exceeded the accomplishments of her sister. .. 19, posts .. Maybe if Wargaming does a second German Cruiser Line or even a.

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There are other useful 3-point skills you might opt to take instead. Well that settles it after looking back at Dseehahfer’s work we definitely need all 3 ships in game. The thing is she really is a one trick pony and a good amount of players have smartened up to her, I can easily shut down one in my Colorado in a 1v1. The battlewhips three divisions were battlesgips engine room personnel. Posted July 13, edited. In the ensuing action, Scheer damaged two Soviet patrol boats, bombarded and destroyed an Soviet meteorological station and sank an armed ice breaker Aleksandr Sibiryakov.

German battleship Bismarck – Wikipedia

Out of a crew of over 2, men, only survived. For other ships of the same name, see Scharnhorst. The British failed to penetrate the Luftwaffe fighter shield and all six Swordfish were destroyed.

The intent of the operation was to draw out British units and ease the pressure on the heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Speewhich was being pursued in the South Atlantic. The two ships then refueled from the tankers Uckermark and Ermland on 12 March. All four ships were scuttled there on 21 June The two Scharnhorst -class battleships were the first capital ships built for berman Kriegsmarine after the end of World War I.


The two Scharnhorst -class battleships were based in Brest, Franceat the time, having just completed Operation Berlina major raid into the Atlantic.

In all of World War 2, the Battleshipx Scheer under Captain Theodor Krancke was battleshhips far the most successful capital ship commerce raider of the conflict. Battle of the North Cape. The examiners noted several long gashes in the hull, but attributed these to impact on the sea floor.

The biggest difference is that I plan my shots more carefully because of the longer reload time.

On 15 March, the two battleships, with the two tankers in company, encountered a dispersed convoy in the mid-Atlantic. Gneisenau and Scharnhorst then turned to disengage. So, it has some good points like god-tier concealment and torp reload. On 15 Septemberthree weeks after commissioning, Bismarck left Hamburg to begin sea trials in Kiel Bay.

From active participation in the Spanish Civil War, to Atlantic convoy raiding, Arctic convoy interdiction off Murmansk, and an extended foray in the Indian Ocean in which Admiral Scheer had steamed more than 53, miles 85, km and sunk or captured 16 merchant ships totaling 99, tons, Admiral Scheer far exceeded the accomplishments of her sister.

The stern also rose as water rushed into the ripped-open compartments.

Thoughts on Gneisenau ?? – German Battleships – World of Warships official forum

Sheffield lost contact in the low visibility and Captain Philip Vian ‘s group of five destroyers was ordered to keep contact with Bismarck through the night. She was slowly settling by the stern from uncontrolled flooding with a 20 degree list to port. As for full pen damage, I’ve found it to be very rare to the point of insignificance.

With the port rudder jammed, Bismarck was now steaming in a large circle, unable to escape from Tovey’s forces.

In less than an hour’s shooting, Glorious was reduced to a burning hulk. Conway’s All the World’s Fighting Ships: Ballard noted that he found no evidence of the internal implosions that occur when a hull that is not fully flooded sinks. Portals Access related topics. Dorsetshire then moved around to her port side and fired another torpedo, which also hit.


List of battleships of Germany

Extensive damage from shellfire and torpedoes is evident; the bow was blown off, presumably from a magazine explosion in the forward turrets, and lies in a tangled mass of steel some distance from the rest of the hull. Five British destroyers mounted an attack on the German squadron at Battleships of World War I. How about these torpedo boat builds:.

After a day of steaming west, the ships turned south and rendezvoused with Admiral Hipper on 12 April. An RAF patrol aircraft spotted the three ships that day, which prompted an air attack. If you dont know where the enemy DD’s are, dont push. One of the most fun battleships in the game, and perfectly capable. Following the completion of repairs, Hattleships underwent trials in the Baltic before returning to Kiel in December The collision tore a hole in the hull and caused some minor flooding.

The submersibles recorded no sign of a shell penetration through the main or side armour here, and it is likely that the shell penetrated the deck armour only. The vessel was also called on to spy on Soviet germn carrying supplies to the Communist Republicans while protecting ships delivering German weapons to Franco’s Nationalist Fascist Army.

Find out battleshpis on Wikipedia’s Sister projects. The fourth hit the ship in the bow. Scharnhorst immer voran Scharnhorst ever onward [2]. It’s a geran target. The British ships approached the German ships head on, which permitted them to use only their forward guns; Bismarck and Prinz Eugen could fire full broadsides. The surrounding water, which has much greater pressure than the air in the hull, would crush the ship. The Scheer jumps out at you batttleships it would be great if she could somehow appear in the game.

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