Range Description: The species is present in the Mediterranean region (southern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa), especially on the western side (e.g. Category: cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning. Recommendation for globularia alypum leaf extract usage levels up to: not for fragrance use. Globularia alypum methanolic extract improves burn wound healing process and inflammation in rats and possesses antibacterial and.

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Globularia alypum L.

The homogenate was centrifuged for 30 min at g and the supernatant filtered and lyophilized. J Complement Integr Med. Antioxidative effect of compounds isolated from Globularia alypum L. The acute and chronic toxicities of a G. It is alypim that the G.

This increase in defecation can also explain the impact of the drug on weight growth observed in treated animals and, in particular in females. The study of acute toxicity performed on mice demonstrated that the toxicity G. Under the old Cronquist system of plant classification, they were treated in their own family, Globulariaceaebut genetic evidence has shown that the genus belongs in the family Plantaginaceae.

Balansard J, Delphant J. Kidneys In general, the histological structure of the glomerulus was respected in all the observed groups and it has neither been observed membrane thinning nor hyperplasia of mesangial cells or deposits of immunoglobulins.


This observation confirms the purgative and laxative properties related to the drug and reported by Balansard and Delphaut. Despite the discovery of various antibacterial and antiseptic agents, burn wound healing still has remained a challenge to modern medicine.

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globularia alypum leaf extract

Quantification of globularin Globularin, a principal iridoid glucosid present in G. University of California – San Francisco.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther.

Histological aspect of gastric and intestinal mucosa was found strictly normal in all studied groups. It has notably not been observed any loss of substance nor inflammatory infiltrate or lymphoid hyperplasia [ Figure 4c ].

Through an intra-peritoneal route, G. In most observed cases, it has been observed that the normal histological structure of the spleen was respected. Leukocytes formula was established by microscopic examination of smears after M.

Plantaginaceae genera Taxa named by Carl Linnaeus Lamiales stubs. Burns are known as one of the most common and destructive forms of injury with a vast spectrum of consequences.

However, the most important result of this study is the recorded active spermatogenesis globylaria following the reiterated administration of G. The dilutions were administered by oesophagus cannula 0. Traditional medicine in Turkey I.

In this respect, G. The drug, dissolved in water, has been administrated by oral and intra-peritoneal routes to ten mice groups according to doses chosen in geometrical progression of 1: A significant antioxidant and antibacterial activities were also observed in GAME-treated rats. Liver In all groups of animals, the histological architecture of the liver was found normal. The globuladia one is represented by the recorded dose-dependent hyperlipemia observed in males and the hypercholesterolemia that occurred in males and females.


A double blind study. After drying in air, the leaves were used to prepare aqueous extract using water. Liver damage and increased heart attack risk caused by anabolic steroid use. The effect of G. Globulariaceae is a shrub growing in the Mediterranean basin and known to be used as a popular medicine for its several pharmacological properties against rheumatism, gout, typhoid, intermittent fever, and diabetes.

Badreddine Fehri, Boite Postale B.

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This discrepancy, totally absent in the control groups and more pronounced in female treated rats, lasted until D In general, the histological structure of the glomerulus was respected in all the observed groups and it has neither been observed membrane thinning nor hyperplasia of gglobularia cells or deposits of immunoglobulins.

The acute toxicity study showed that when G. Portal areas were without any particularity and Kupffer’s cells were not aoypum. Harpagoside and globularin were, respectively, eluted at 8.