Glomerulopatias Secundárias. 8. Halimi S, Charpentier G, Grimaldi A, et al. Effect on compliance, acceptability of blood glucose self-monitoring and HbA(1c) . Transcript of Glomerulopatias Primarias y Secundarias. Glomerulopatias Primarias Nefrología/ a Dr. Adolfo López Rodríguez. Pernambuco Registry of Glomerulopathies – REPEG. Análise comparativa das glomerulopatias primárias e secundárias no nordeste do Brasil.

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Histopathological slides were reviewed by a pathologist.

Glomerular diseases in a Hispanic population: This is the first registry of glomerulopathies in Northeastern Brazil. Since the reduplication of the GBM, whether mesangial interposition or splits and endothelial splits has the same morphologic significance 1, 7the term of Membranoproliferative Change MPC was introduced for this nonspecific lesion. The REPEG is the first registry to have involved the biopsies of patients with glomerular diseases from two referral centers in the state of Pernambuco.

Clin Nephrol Int Suppl This information corroborates previous findings 2 and highlights the fact that, in our country, such diseases are still secindarias at a late stage. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.


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Renal biopsy findings in Iran: The extent of the MPC was variable but usually proportional to the extent and chronicity of the underlying glomerulopathy and sclerosis. Med Klin Munich ; The Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used to assess the normality of the quantitative variables, through which the non-normality was verified. In our series, we can distinguish the primary or secondary source of FSGS with some reliability, according to the analysis of hour proteinuria, albumin and their own histopathology features.

En la tabla 1 se resumen las distintas manifestaciones de la EF a nivel renal.

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glomerulopatiias John Wiley and Sons, New York Nepal Med Coll J ; Informe Trimestral de 30 de?? A proposed taxonomy for the podocytopathies: Frequency and clinical histological analysis of glomerular diseases in a tertiary hospital in southern Brazil.

Necrosis papilar renal e infartos renales. The frequency of different glomerular pathological findings is demonstrated in Table 2.

7 MIR NEFROLOGIA Glomerulopatías secundarias a enfermedades sistémicas

This information identify them in our population. As in the Barisoni et al.

This result is in agreement with the Paulista Registration of Glomerulonefritis 14 and most of the series studied, in which it is first glomerulopatiaa secondary glomerulopathies. Am J Transplant ;8: Prevalence of adult primary glomerular diseases: The variability of the chronic pathologic processes associated with MPC, the variability of the extent of the lesion and the close association with glomerulosclerosis, inflammation and cell proliferation suggest that this is a nonspecific endothelio-mesangial reaction of repair therefore, always secondary to systemic diseases or underlying Lgomerulopatias.


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This was a retrospective study conducted at two public teaching hospitals in the state of Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil. In our study, gglomerulopatias glomerulopathies were more common than the primary ones.

Es glomerulopatiaas utilidad en el diagnostico al conocer si hay otras substancias no inmunes: Glomerulonefritis asociadas al Complemento. On the other hand, Ferraz et al.

Prevalence of glomerulopathies in autopsies of patients infected with hepatitis C virus. Nepal Med pathological patterns based on 9, native kidney biop- Coll J ;