Gnetum africanum is an evergreen Climber growing to 12 m (39ft) by m (1ft 4in) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) The plant is not self-fertile. Suitable . PDF | Gnetum africanum is a forest liana that grows abundantly in Central Africa, South America, and tropical and subtropical Asia. Its leaves. J Med Food. Nov;14(11) doi: /jmf Epub Aug Gnetum africanum: a wild food plant from the African forest with many.

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When eru is grown along dead poles attacked by termites, these insects will damage adjacent leaves. Under wild conditions, ghetum plant grows and forms underground tubers or roots that store plant food reserves.

It is recommended that leaf blades of cuttings be trimmed in half. Healthy leaves with a thick wax-like texture are preferred in markets and will receive the highest value; Gnetum africanum remains untaxed in local markets.

The FAO has found that the gnetim is easier to reproduce by cutting seedlings rather than growing from seeds. Most eru is consumed locally, but intensive trade has developed from Cameroon and arricanum recently also from Gabon and the Central African Republic to meet the large demand in Nigeria. Economically, Gnetum africanum can be used as a means to maintain a supplemental income as it is available throughout the year, [13] and may be used as a form of supplementary income for rural farmers in Cameroon.

Soltis and Michael J. Retrieved 11 January Tropical forests, people and food: For this trade, whole leafy stems are afrianum in large bales.

Eru or Gnetum africanum is an evergreen, perennial, shade-tolerant vine with woody stems of up to 12 m or more that twine from a tuberous rootstock. It is high in glutamic acidleucineand aspartic acidwith low levels of histidine gnstum, and cysteinewhile there appears to be trace amounts of tryptophan in the plant.


Right plant wrong place.

Retrieved from ” https: Seed collection is thus africanhm from easy, a further reason why eru is hardly cultivated.

Shredded leaves can be dried and preserved for later use. Field planting, preferably next to a young tree or shrub, takes place at the beginning of the rainy season[ ]. Leaves – raw or cooked[ ]. Climbing members of this genus growing in Asia yield a potable sap[ ]. It is hardy to zone UK The supple stem is sometimes used as rope. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

They look much like dicotyledonous flowering plants having opposite leaves with a net venation and cherry-like seedsalthough in fact gnetim are gymnosperms. The leaves of Gnetum africanum are somewhat africanuk and paler than the dark green leaves of Gnetum buchholzianum.


Gnetum africanum is an evergreen Climber growing to 12 m 39ft by 0. Smartphone users quickly have information on a plant directly for the pfaf. Gneetum prefers moist soil.

Parkinson, Yuchang Cheng, Thomas M. Sustainable cultivation practices, such as harvesting the leaves regularly rather than uprooting the whole vine, allows for a more viable supplementary income throughout the year. Views Read View source View history.

Leafy stems remain fresh for at least a week. The seeds are eaten in Cameroon and DR Congo. Shredded leaves can be dried and preserved for later gntum ]. Controlled harvesting, in which only side shoots or parts of stems are collected, allows new shoots to develop where a stem has been cut or where side shoots have been removed[ ].


After about 6 weeks the rooted cuttings are transferred to polythene sleeves, bamboo pots or other containers where they remain for a further 2—3 months. The plant tolerates a range of habitats and environmental conditions[ ].

There is an urgent need to collect and preserve the diversity found within the two African Gnetum species, preferably throughout their natural range. This vine will grow in all seasons and typically spreads along forest floors. The leaves of Gnetum africanum can be replaced by those of the other eru species, Gnetum buchholzianum atricanum, or leaves of the shrub Lasianthera africana P.

It africxnum assumed that seeds need pretreatment, such as passing through the intestines of a bird, fruit bat, squirrel or other animal, before they germinate. Plants growing in full sun produce thinner leaves which are not so well liked by consumers[ ].

Mealy bugs are the main pest in the nursery.

Gnetum africanum – Wikipedia

Eru is hardly cultivated at all at present, but there is massive exploitation of the remaining natural stands, which have almost gnetun in Nigeria and are becoming scarce in Cameroon, Gabon and the Central African Republic. Marco Schmidt – wikimedia. Gnetum africanum is a good source of protein and is strong in essential and non-essential amino acids. Gnetum africanum – Welw.