Günter Grass, one of the most important writers in post war Germany, and for reasons of brevity and accessibility went for ‘Im Krebsgang’,. Im Krebsgang (English, German and German Edition) [Günter Grass] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Günter Grass. März Günter Grass: Im krebsgang. Quellen: Taschenbuch “Im Krebsgang” von Günter Grass Reclam Lektüreschlüssel An den Jahrgang.

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Germans were victims too–a different perspective. The author follows several threads of his grasx displaced in time, sometimes moving forward sometimes backward, the way a crab approaches an object sideways.

Jul hnter, Farzin Takyar rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: View all 3 comments. Grass’s many-layered telling includes the back story of the ship and its namesake, a martyred Nazi functionary; the assassin, a Jewish medical student who killed Gustloff in Switzerland in ; the Russian submarine commander; and more. Grass attended gnterr Danzig Gymnasium Conradinum. In the fictional family in this book, three generations are marked by the suppression of the story of the Wilhelm Gustloff.

He’s pressured into it by the major background player, Grass himself. As many as nine thousand people lost their lives six times the death toll of the Titanicincluding four thousand children and infants.

In Icy Baltic Waters

Moral and political embarrassment has made it harder to accept them, however. When the narrator finally brings himself to describe the actual sinking, he tries to remain as reserved, as factual as possible, relying on the reports of the survivors, of the complement of the single accompanying German ship, and of the sailors of the Russian submarine.

Taken together, the mass flight and expulsions amounted to the single largest known migration over a short period of time. As Paul sees it, everything started to go wrong at the very beginning, for he was born as the Wilhelm Gustloff sank, on the rescue boat that saved his pregnant mother. At least one aspect of his motivation for doing so revolves around the disaster’s aftermath in today’s society and emerges clearly towards the end of the book.

The overall loss of life was huge.


Crabwalk – Wikipedia

Winner of the Nobel Prize But even in “Crab Walk” were some sentences which made my heart beat faster and which reflected his exalted style of writing. The happening is simple when you get itbut getting it is not so simple! By he had also become leader of the National Socialist movement in Switzerland, whose five thousand German and Austrian members he organised with great efficiency.

It is hard to distinguish here between “good” and “bad” because how can a child who never harmed anyone be guilty of a crime just because it fled from the Russian soldiers? Moreover eyewitness accounts invest the sinking with a horror that reduces the Titanic to farce. Posted on June 15, by mandywight. The narration is a complex simultaneous gntet of all of these and still more elements, jumping about through time and space.

Tulla Pokriefke, one of the survivors of the tragedy, cannot find words to describe what she saw on the ship as the torpedoes hit: I won’t say anything more about it. The narrator is horrified to discover that the site is being run by his son, Konrad.

Retrieved from ” https: Paul’s more or less ongoing commentary about his writing efforts, his reactions to family and Him, his jumping back and forth in the story, results, at times, in a somewhat lighter, more conversational tone. Tug lib throw out. I found this was a very quick read. He has never commented.

The Wilhelm Gustloff was a German cruise liner that spent much of the war tied up in Gotenhafen the then German name for the Polish port of Gdynia. It should have found words for the hardships endured by the Germans fleeing East Prussia To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

In late January,the six million man Red Army had finally pushed the Axis armies into Germany, and looting, burning, rape and murder were the payback for years R.

Tulla fills the book with her energy. To this extent reading the book was a success.

Rereading Guenter Grass’ Crabwalk – Im Krebsgang. | peakreads

In the course of his research, the narrator discovers by chance that his estranged son Konny has also developed an interest in the ship as a result of Tulla’s influence. Deaths from hunger, disease, murder and suicide ran into the hundreds of thousands — the suicides of whole families on board the sinking Wilhelm Gustloff foreshadowed what would happen thousands of times over in the years ahead.


Although the details of the sinking have The events surrounding the biggest naval disaster in history and its tragic outcome are not an easy topic to bring to the attention of the reader of fifty-some years later.

And how should the story be told? He’s the next generation, with no memory of the event, and he just wants to get on with gtass life, even if what he’s doing isn’t particularly worthwhile. Paul who never talks and Tulla who talks too much and me krebsang all of my classmates, as I can speak for them, thought differently about it after reading.

I think each and every sentence of the book is there for some reason, although I could not get the reason to some!

The writer himself claims in one of the beginning pages that he is going to narrate in a manner that resembles the way a crab walks; going forward and backward in a way that the overall result is a slow forward movement. In fact, the text flows relatively smoothly: In Grass ducked both the political complexity of apportioning blame and the challenge of realist description by recourse to this allegory. Germany apparently tried to keep the disaster under wraps so as not to demoralize Grass’s novel is about the deadliest marine disaster in history, but few have ever heard of it.

The two eventually meet in SchwerinKonny’s and Gustloff’s hometown. The numbers of lives lost has always been hard to quantify, because it was carrying thousands of civilians who had boarded at the last minute fleeing from the Russian advance from the east, many of whom were not registered officially as passengers.

Feb 07, Dave rated it really liked it Shelves: In fact, the book appeared during a period of debate in Germany after W.

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