Dr. Günther Enderlein (–) whose main book Bacteria Cyclogeny was published in Enderlein was a visionary thinker who made. Günther Enderlein () saw the healthy host as filled with primitive life Enderlein’s work was the book by the French researcher A. Béchamp, titled. Dr Gunther Enderlein’s research has revealed the following: The cell is not the smallest visible living unit, but rather the colloid. This colloid has been termed the .

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Freeman and Company [66] Kunst F.

Biosynthesis of proteins occurs in all living organisms. Therefore, Enderlein thought that all microbes possessed a natural development cycle that began with microscopically invisible, or very difficult to gjnther, primitive protein phases protit, symprotit, makrosymprotit [35].

Finally, the protein grows to a three-dimensional structure and develops its function [59].

About the same time, James Watson and Francis Crick proposed a model of the structure of DNA, which enabled scientists to understand how cells can divide and multiply the genetic information. Enderlein became the production manager for the company Sanum. Homeopathic remedies are typically herbs enderlfin minerals. These phases then proceeded to viral forms spermites and bacterial forms mychit, thecit, basit, phytit, rhabdit, linit and ascitand ejderlein culminated in a fungus Mucor racemosus or Aspergillus niger [36] [37].

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Moreover, nucleic acids are needed for DNA, the storage of genetic information, and for transferring genetic information to RNA, from which the information is taken to make a protein. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Polysan test helps to reveal insidious latent infections that need to be eliminated to enable deep regeneration. This organism in turn uses these amino acids to produce its own protein. The Super- Microscope — Dr. Views Read Edit View history. Only the larger organisms developed out of these particles were pathogenic bacteria or fungi, Enderlein uses the word valent for pathogen.

The Aspergillus niger cyclode leads to diseases of lung, tuberculosis and cancer. Only the larger organisms developed out of these particles were pathogenic bacteria or fungi, Enderlein uses the word valent for pathogen. Ball-like morphologies significantly larger in size than symprotits and macrosymprotits were called mychit or thecit [10], while Enderlein named morphologies of many large, ball-like structures assembled in a row basit, phytit, rhabdit, linit and ascit, depending on the number arrayed [11].


He was mainly interested in two cyclodes: In any such microbial life cycle, virulent forms can be returned to harmless avirulent forms with the corresponding fungal isopathic remedy. Maxam, Walter Gilbert and Friedrich Sanger developed a rapid sequencing technique for long strands of DNA, and seven years later the first genetically produced medication, insulin, was completed.

He returned to Berlin in and remained there until If protits are unknown living organisms, they should: It was formed in by an employee of the Robert Koch Institute to manufacture bacterial remedies for immunobiological health.

These filits may build up a two-dimensional and later three-dimensional net of filits. Guenther Enderlein was born in in Leipzig, located in eastern Germany. These particles were able to transform into pathogen bacteria under certain circumstances.

After death the smallest particles survive and may serve for another host-organism, and they participate in the process of decomposition. He used techniques available at that time, namely phase contrast and darkfield microscopy[3]. This would gunthee for Darkfield Bodies being unspecific protein aggregation. This can be best explained by degradation of proteins by proteases present in the preparation.

Christopher Ugnther for his scientific work and for permitting use of the pictures in Figures 1 and 2. Inthe German scientist Friedrich Sanger did the first complete sequencing of the protein insulin. The building blocks of lipids are fatty acids, glycerol and several other molecules. During his investigations, Enderlein observed many morphologies in the blood that he correlated to illnesses [6].

Moreover, he observed string-like structures that he called filits, and string-like structures with a ball-like morphology on one dnderlein that he named spermites [8] [9]. If the cell is oxidatively damaged, it cannot rearrange the plasma membrane rapidly enough to meet these conditions This mechanical stress causes cell lysis to occur. An enderleij and well-trained practitioner can use Live Blood Analysis to observe the shape and movement of your red blood cells, revealing key nutrition markers such as your levels of iron, protein, vitamins, folic and endeerlein acids.


Their highest form of evolution is frequently a fungus, and can also be a bacterial form.

An injection of harmless symbionts may help here as they are able to destroy larger valent microorganisms. As a result, he concluded that specific pathogenic structures develop in size and appearance depending on the progress of a particular illness Endobiosis [14]. In such a case, he speaks about an increase of valenz, the most primitive protits would build up one-dimensional chains, called filit.

Figure 2, picture c reveals that albumin gnuther be separated from the cultivated Darkfield preparation.

[Günther Enderlein 95 years old].

In addition, the protein spot of globin significantly increased in size larger spot in comparison to the unpurified Darkfield Bodies, showing that Darkfield Bodies are specific polymerization products primarily composed of the body’s own molecules globin and albumin [69].

Do all the hazardous proteins all come from the infected cattle brain eaten by the sheep? Enderlein described this as a sexual process that leads to the transition from pathogenic bacterial forms to non-pathogenic protein forms symprotit, macrosymprotit and viral forms spermites [29] [30]. However, his model of a life cycle of bacteria with a protein of plant origin protit as the starting point is no longer viable in light of the presented results.

He wrote over scientific papers, was a journal editor, lectured internationally and founded the IBICA Institute for microbiological research into health. After staining, the matrix was scanned into a computer, which automatically compared it to scientific databases that provided information on which proteins spots were known, which were new, and which gained or lost intensity.

He proposed that the protit or Endobiont is present in every cell of the human body, and under a specific stimulus will progress through an upward development to higher pathogenic levels, culminating in a fungus [42] [43] [44].