This Pin was discovered by Eunice Alvarado. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The Fourth Way enneagram is a figure published in in In Search of the Miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky quotes Gurdjieff as saying; “The knowledge of the enneagram has for a very long time been Kabbalistic Tree of Life as used in “Etude sur les origines de la nature du Zohar”, by S. Karppe, Paris, , pp. , the. This Pin was discovered by Bicky Davila. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Ouspensky, and Their Followers. The Lives and Work of G.

Idries Shaha populariser of Sufismhas claimed that the enneagram has a Sufi provenance and that it has also been long known in coded form disguised as an octagram. Otherwise it will just be the La point for the original food octave. The term ” enneagram ” derives from two Greek words, ennea nine and gramma something written or drawn. As reported by P. Within the circle is a triangle connecting points 9, 3 and 6.

Point 6 being where “impressions”, regarded as a type of food, are eneagrzma to enter the body. They are both in the bloodstream at “density” 96, the “density” of hormones and vitamins and rarefied gases and animal magnetism “and so on”.

GURDJIEFF: EL ENEAGRAMA | psicology | Pinterest | Entp, Coaching and Astrology

This cosmology offers a view of how the world operates said to derive from alchemy and more ancient sources, and to complement or complete modern experimental science rather than to contradict it.


At point 4 the original food octave is at “Fa” but the new air octave is at Re. Ouspensky related the inner six-line figure of the Food Diagram enneagram to the circulation of the blood. Making a New World [21] Bennett describes the workings of a community kitchen in terms of the enneagram and offers some explanation of the meaning of the internal lines.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on 23 July The figure is the central organizing glyph of the Fourth Way’s view of the material world which Gurdjieff is quoted by Ouspensky as relating to alchemy.

The Law of Three holds that three forces act on any event, which can be called Active, Passive, and Neutralizing forces, or simply First, Second, and Third forces respectively.

The substances or energies at point 5 are assigned a “density” of 48 and used in thought. In any process described in terms of the Law of Seven, the Ugrdjieff interval and enagrama Ti-Do interval are said to be shock points where outside help is needed if the octave is to continue to develop as intended.

Living and Dead” by Plavan N. In Search of the Miraculous. The enneagram according to Gurdjieff shows the “Law of Seven” and the “Law of Three” united and so some explanation of these laws is necessary here.

GURDJIEFF: EL ENEAGRAMA | Eneagrama | Pinterest | Entp, Coaching and Astrology

Unfit url Use dmy dates from July A desire to conserve this “higher substances” for esoteric use is said to be the original reason for religious celibacy. Point 1, he wrote, represented the digestive system, point 2 the blood stream, point 4 the breathing system, point 5 the brain, point 7 the spinal cord and point 8 the sympathetic nervous system and sex organs, and the lines “showed the direction of the flow or distribution of arterial blood in the organism and then its return in the form of venous blood” [19].


It might have been expected to be at the Ti-Do interval, and Gurdjieff is presented as offering this apparent mistake as a mystery to be solved. There has also been speculation that it may be related eneavrama the Pythagorean Tetractyswhich also combines the numbers 3 and 7. By using this site, you eneagraja to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Air can provide this shock because it also is of densityand furthermore this air enters as a new Do. It is ready to enter the blood stream.

A motionless enneagram is a dead symbol, the living symbol is in motion” [2]. Otherwise only the ordinary food octave, shown in black in the diagram, proceeds.

Fourth Way enneagram

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Gurdjieff’s view “everything is material”; consciousness and spirit are to be regarded as gursjieff of matter, although more refined or of a “higher vibration” than perceptible aspects.

Point 7 represents emotional and other energies, of a “density” of At point 9 ordinary food beginning as Do is eaten and enters the body and digestion begins.