Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Hartke VX 4×10″ Watt Bass Combo. Rated / 5 by 6 customers!. I saw this on Musiccom It says its a Hartke mounted in the hartke VX cab. Does any one own this or has tried it? i am very very curious, I. I already owned and used a Hartke B (which is another review in itself, as it is an extremely cost effective and effecient amp, so I was familiar with the brand.

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Pretty nice looking design too!!

I dont use it anyways, but i know it is becoming more common. No need for volume 5 let alone an Transistor amplifier prampli with a lamp and then transistor rglage of pramp: Have had no reason to contact the company regarding this amp. Write a user review Ask for a user review. And when it comes to bass, the Hartke brand name always looks pretty.

My main concern was the VX line featuring paper cones and not the aluminum cones that made Hartke famous. Reggae, ska, rock, classic rock. The split between tube and normal sound is very good, and the right combination can vary your sound somewhat. I found it to dominate other things in that price range for value.

Theres not a great deal of difference in sound between the valve preamp and the solid state though the depth of the cab usually means im trying to hhartke low end rather than boost it, an extremely bassy amp, but it cuts through too. It’s just as if you paid the whole amount up front! The connection is made by jack at the front, with separate entrance Active and passive. My amp is from and one of the handles has cracked but it still works Get it for less at zZounds.


I think this is excellent quality design. It’s no SVT but it has a very moldable sound.

Hartke VX Bass Combo Amplifier w 4×10″ | eBay

Great sounding amp for any venus or any music situation. Super great sound, very easy to work with. We’ll wait on your money so you don’t have to wait for your gear! Next is a compressor which is set via a single knob.

It is very sturdy and hard to damage. See all Bass Guitar Combo Amps.

It’s really all I’ll ever need playing medium to large clubs. It’s all I’ll ever need. Classicl Old Country Music. Even a caveman could use it. Very well constructed and easy to move around. I think this is quite sexy hadtke that it’s a 4×10 speaker setup, which looks quite appealing.

Buy it, try it, like it, or return it to us for a full refund. Just a hard package to beat. Very moldable sound good EQ.

Built like a brick. The fact that it is a combo picture a 4×10 cabinet with a head mounted above it which is integral in the cab. It’s a Great sounding Amp. I bought hartoe used. This review was originally published on http: I use a Zoom mutli-effects pedal and a Morley dual bass wah.


However, a stack is generally more appealing to people. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases.

I’ve played many gigs of varying sizes with it, from quite pub gigs, to weddings, to stage with a crowd.

Hartke VX3500 Bass Combo Amplifier 350w 4×10″

One can get about any type of amplification wanted, from extremely bright, punchy tones to the “ooomph” of a 2×15 cabinet. I’ve already played several shows with this amp. It sooo easily gives me all I need.

Then simply complete the EQ contour, and we get what we want. I own this amp, and have for about a year.

User reviews: Hartke VX – Audiofanzine

Then again, if you havent learned that far in music, you shouldnt be buying and dollar amp Quality: Basic sound Hartke is obtained. But it’s fine now.

The speaker frames are a dull silver, as is the horn, giving it an agressive look. The biggest downer about it is hatrke weight. The high tones are easily heard, even with my newbie low-end bass guitar. The amount of control you have over the sound on this amp is amazing. I don’t even think they would need customer service. Very easy to use. Makes for some real dynamic tones.