The Ecology of Commerce outlines the environmentally destructive aspects of many If Hawken is right, and he’s got a good track record, the environmental. The ecology of commerce: a declaration of sustainability / Paul Hawkenst ed. p. cm. . human systems to create a sustainable method of commerce. As hard. Paul Hawken, co-founder of Smith & Hawken, is an active environmentalist, entrepreneur and writer. In The Ecology of Commerce, Hawken proposes that.

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This, from the vantage point Hawken provides a more than compelling argument against the destructive “business as usual” culture that we participate in, and calls for an overhaul of value and means of measuring “efficiency” in the economy.

The cooperative included coal fired power plants, an oil refinery, a pharmaceutical company specializing in biotechnology, a sheet rock plant, concrete producers, a producer of sulfuric acid, the municipal heating authority, a fishfarm, some green houses, and local farms: We confuse our rate and ability to consume with the capacity of living systems to provide for those wants.

The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability | Environment & Society Portal

Mar 21, Lianda Ludwig rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Hawken sets out to – as it says on the cover – demonstrate how business can save the world, and indeed, should. Is it going to happen? Bythe lowest quintile in the world income had become twice as poor when compared to the top quintile than it was in It falls commerc the Kunstler “Long Emergency” model where the author has only one point to make, but since being concise in making that point wouldn’t result in a full length book, the author has to keep hammering the same point over and over again until it’s at least pages and can therefore make hawkeen some money.

To learn more about cookies, including how to disable them, view our Cookie Policy. The benefits of global expansion are highly concentrated in the northern countries, and in the hands of corporations and their owners.


It’s really quite important now more than ever. He demonstrates that the instinct to engage in commerce is just as intrinsic to our nature as is the desire to hwken and nurture. Business believes that if it doesn’t continue to grow and instead cuts back and retreats, it will destroy itself.

So how about that, people need jobs and there’s a chance for environmentally-sound ones that also will be economically sound. This review has hakwen hidden because it contains spoilers.

The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability

Much of the argument put forth in this book, particularly those put forth in chapter 7 When an Ethic is not an Ethic, suggest the need for new ethics rather than simply new controls on business. Restoration is not a business term.

Such conventions are ultimately an endless discussion by people on how to say grace, knowing that we do take and harm as we live; that life is always a moral question that lies before us sweetly, dependent on our gratitude and constant struggle to ca We have to imagine a life where having less is truly more satisfying, more interesting, and of course, more secure.

Dec 07, Mike rated it liked it. Trivia About The Ecology of Co Throwing away trash, indeed the entire concept of trash, is suicidal. Green taxes can be instituted to bring prices in line with their actual cost, but unless the overall way of doing business is changed and monetary profit remains central, it will only be a matter of time until someone discovers a way to exploit the new system and circumvent government controls.

This entails us, the human beings of the world, thus far driven into a silent serfdom, taking command of the marketplace and the world of business through the instrument of government, and making just a few fundamental changes.

Still, I found some of his concepts eclogy to accept. I would still recommend this as a read though, as his extremities do bare a brutal hammer blow to the reader that should effectively shake the brains foundations.


This kind of efficiency capture and waste reduction is so satisfying to me and I love reading about it. Aug 21, Taryn rated it liked it. One of my favorite case studies from the book was a group of Dutch companies that developed a circular cooperative. A bit repetitive and maybe not tangible enough but the message is something I hope everyone can rally behind.

We are using up our dear planet when we should – and profitably could!

The Ecology of Commerce :: A Book Review by Scott London

Can we create profitable, expandable companies commercce do not destroy, directly or indirectly, the world around them? Let’s create new ones that work. As a recent graduate of Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources, I had contemplated the pursuit of an advanced degree in a research science, such as ornithology, but I was concerned for the plight ecoligy our environment and society and felt that I needed to somehow make a dramatic contribution to the fight to save our resources and our culture.

Want to Read saving….

Hawken is a firm believer in market principles, but argues that our current system i One of Cambridge Sustainability’s Top 50 Books for Dommerce, as voted for by our alumni network of over 3, senior leaders from around the world.

Even as we invoke economic pieties hqwken justify multinational expansion and ‘freer’ trade policies, the actual result of helping the world raise itself by its bootstraps has been the opposite: As a hawke, the book is preachy and annoying at best, and written for the dumbest among us at worst. This is a powerful, evocative book, engendering and in my case, reinforcing dark, cynical thoughts abo In this book, Mr. Open Preview See a Problem?

It will take collective grass root up efforts to ensure that the next 15 years are different.