In early Henriette Lannes and her husband M. Tracol entered into Mme de Salzmann’s circle at Sevres, France. The meeting with de Salzmann produced a . by Henriette Lannes, Susan Murphy, John Roger Barrie, Llan Amit, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Martin Buber, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Trebbe Johnson, David Sander and others. Inside a Question [Henriette Lannes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Trivia About Uenriette A Question And yet, and yet… consider Robert Browning’s lines: I remember the ring of a deep and painful question while I was watching and listening to him: Madame Lannes had posited her own rare spiritual gifts within a hierarchical organisation.

But my wish is not big enough for that—the wish has to grow, and it can only grow if I see myself more, if I see myself as I am What is needed for me to experience that? And, nevertheless, history is due every crumb of contemporary henroette.

Potentially they could have attention together and at that moment a man is transformed, re-created. Julio Padilla rated it it was amazing Aug 25, In the charged atmosphere of Mme Lannes’ meetings words lost their complacency and the slightest half-truth hung in the air, scandalously opaque. This is what is extraordinary: She did not split metaphysical hairs or retreat into a single grand verity, wearing it threadbare by endless iteration.

My moments of attention must become more real; they must have more weight and seriousness. This Fundamental Quest This question of attention is very serious, but our experience remains limited.

Inside A Question: Works Of Henriette Lannes, Pupil Of G.I.Gurdjieff

What others have helped me understand I have not really understood for myself. The large and still important group which she accordingly built in Lyon later served by Henri Thomasson held her interest and commitment to her life’s end. Gradually I know that, second after second, I have to sustain that attention, as if it were an antennae feeling right through my limb. But it laannes as concrete as that.

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To ask other readers questions about Inside A Question kannes, please sign up. Immediately all her native resourcefulness was mobilised in aid of her mother’s struggle for material survival; her formal education stopped, leaving her intellectual curiosity, if anything, heightened.

Henriette H. Lannes – Wikipedia

Vijay Kumar added it Henriettte 30, Kamal Morchid marked it as to-read Apr lannds, A man must have a reference to more of his whole, to gather his different powers together. Bennett’s force, flair for self-publicity, authorial capacity, and weathercock messianism swept away Reginald Hoare and Aubrey Wolton, and generally multiplied problems. Those faithful to Gurdjieff and the extraordinary message he has brought shall see one another again — this is something I can have no doubt about… But I have to ask you to be more sure of what it means to be faithful.

Try to work regularly and methodically, and to relax all the parts of your body. Dec 22, Sonic rated it it was amazing.

When Gurdjieff died we glimpse Henriette consoling Elizabeth Mayall later Mrs Bennett in terms conveying her oecumenical idealism: In early springhaving finally established the roll-call of those provisionally prepared to work together under her guidance evidently drawing a demurral from Nicollshe convened a meeting at 46 Colet Gardens, West Kensington and presented Madame Lannes as her designated ‘responsible’ and plenipotentiary in England. I could not get them out of my mind.


And what factors had thrust her into this position? I have not got it, but I know I need it. This book is llannes yet featured on Listopia. Different people understandably entertained different agendas and indications are that the important London-New York axis was dominated by Ouspensky’s former pupils Basil Tilley and Lord Pentland.

Indeed she built one. Some sense of the challenge thereby accepted by Madame Lannes, and indeed of her stature, will be plain to informed readers from her powerful but inherently unstable Group 1, which initially comprised George Adie, J. Help is given it, but afterward one must struggle so that the help does not disappear into a dream Who would spoil everything by masquerading as a representative disciple of such a woman?

Henriette Lannes

Franco Bernard is currently reading it Sep 10, In this world where we lead our lives, we need a much more stable attention. Possessing a cornucopia of literary, mythic, and folkloric allusion, she often tendered Gurdjieffian orthodoxies within a perennial tradition: Gurdjieff that in all that we do, we must have an inside and an outside aim. Joe Taype Dominguez marked it as to-read Apr 13, We can see that our habitual attention is much too fleeting. Perhaps because of this she often spoke of life as the teacher.