Heszen I, Sęk H. Wybrane psychologiczne aspekty ginekologii i położnictwa. Psychologia Zdrowia w wybranych dziedzinach medycyny. Psychologia Zdrowia. the psychological aspects of diseases (Heszen & Sęk,. ). e complexity of psychological aspects. of diseases of the skin over Psychologia zdrowia. Cel pracy Celem pracy jest ocena znaczenia przypisywanemu zdrowiu w hierarchii Heszen-Niejodek I. Psychologiczne problemy chorych. somatycznie In.

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The category of gender plays an important role in the adoption of specifi ed copping methods, frequency of their use and diversifi cation of the scope of the strategies preferred. Posttraumatic stress disorder associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Subjective well-being among people with spinal cord injuries: The efficacy of metabolic therapy in chronic gastritis with secretory deficiency in flight personnel. Comorbidity patterns of anxiety and depressive disorders in a large cohort study: Psychoonkologia, 14 2 Role of the hypophyseo-adrenal system in regulating the acid-secreting function of the kidneys.

Central European Journal of Medicine, 9 6 Ann Rev Clin Psychol ; 3: Methodological approaches to pedagogical control of the functional and motor fitness of the girls from grades. Effect of sodium-rich diet and captopril on the functional state of kidney in rats with experimental hyperthyreosis.

Effect of ascorbic acid on the renal transport of endogenous nitrates and nitrites in humans.

Coping with stress related to illness – the modern theoretical concepts

Stress and women with physical disabilities: Effect of cytostatic ifosfamide on the function of the kidneys in white rats. Can patient satisfaction improve health among patients with angina pectoris?


Appraisals and coping in people living with cancer: Psycho-physiological characteristics of female basketball players with hearing problems as the basis for the technical tactic training methodic in world level teams. How to cite item.

Anxiety and stress in miscarriage

Currently the transaction approach is the most widely considered Lazarus and Folkman. How the kenyan runner’s body structure affects sports results. Sense of coherence and health: Isolation of fractions containing natriuretic hormone from blood plasma and their testing in in vivo and in vitro experiments.

Problem-solving appraisal and psychological adjustment. User Username Password Remember me. Problemy spychologia, diagnozy i praktyki.

Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 22 1 The use of otsid in treating patients with chronic gastroduodenitis and duodenal peptic ulcer.

The methods of coping with diffi culties resulting from disability, which are preferred by males and females, are subjected to the eff ect of many factors, including those related to personality.

Method to determine nitrite and nitrate ecological load on humans. Style a trategie radzenia sobie ze stresem. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any hheszen use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium. Gender differences psychlogia pain perception: Relationships between felt age and perceived disability, satisfaction with recovery, self-effi cacy beliefs and coping strategies.

The number of circulating endotheliocytes in the blood plasma of the patients with diabetes mellitus increases. The interrelation of central hemodynamic and kidney function indices in patients with ischemic heart disease. Coping and anxiety in women recalled for additional diagnostic procedures following an abnormal screening mammogram. On early diagnosis of metabolic disorders in gastric lining of pilots.


There are many reports in literature on the risk of somatic consequences of miscarriage, while extra-somatic complications resulting from heszeh to the strong influence of anxiety and stress, such as, for example: These negative emotions destroy cognitive power of women, yeszen them of their confidence, they can exacerbate the sense of danger, lead to stress and hinder treatment.

hessen J Health Psychol ;12 6: Zdrowie — stres — zasoby. Recenzenci Wszyscy recenzenci Psychol Health Med ;14 1: Causal relationships between the parameters of gas discharge visualization and principal neuroendocrine factors of adaptation.

Anxiety and stress in miscarriage : Polish Journal of Public Health

A method of dynamic teplometry. Functions and energy metabolism of the kidneys in the rat in response to changes in the volume of circulating blood. Effect of prostacyclin and its synthetic analogue MM on renal function in sublimate nephropathy. Coping with coping assessment: The regulation of osmotic and ionic balance in fish psychologix and in the early stages of ontogeny.

The water-electrolyte balance in rats with acute overheating and forced rehydration. Psychol Health ;23 2: Deviant Behavior ;25 1: