In this tutorial we’ll show you everything you’ll need to get up and running with HikaShop. You can also read our tutorials on other Joomla ecommerce solutions: . HikaShop is an e-commerce extension for Joomla! It is built for simplicity and flexibility. It has a wide range of marketing tools and powerful statistics to. HikaShop is fully integrated with Joomla and you can get started In this tutorial, we have four videos to get you up and running with Hikashop.

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So highlight the parent category in the left pane, so you can choose the category in the right.

4 Videos to Get Anyone Started With Hikashop – Joomlashack

Configuring Your Store – Checkout. Each plugin is a tool which can interact with the other tools and the main system. Since the renewal of a subscription must have the information of which subscription will be renew ; the customers can just renew their subscription via the specific interface in the customer panel.

Clicking on OK would give me a message asking me to select a category. With the Business edition of HikaShop, you will have an additional column named “Access level” where you will be able to limit a price to a group of tuyorial. A new pop up window will be display with all your Menu Item Type grouped by different categories.

In this chapter, we will discover how to deal with HikaShop default item menu, they will allow you to display quickly and easily all most common HikaShop content. HikaSerial could be installed like a classical Joomla! Maybe, you have already understand than like this you can create almost everything, let’s make an other quick example for create a customer account page:.

You can also read our tutorials on other Joomla ecommerce solutions: This can be configure just by clicking on it to define the way to display the menu, let’s make an example with the Div version. When you arrive in the mass action page, you have to click on the “New” button in the toolbar in order to create a new Mass action.


HikaShopJoomla Tutorial

If your customer adds in his cart 2 of this product, then the price here will be multiplied by 2. Depending your workflow, if you want your serials hikasho; be consume or not, the configuration tutorizl your pack will be different. Content display on the front end. Since adding options is just like adding products, if you follow this tutorial, you will have the skills to do so if you upgrade.

Here, you can create several specific shipping prices for your product, you can see displayed here your shipping method with its price.

So at any time, in HikaShop or HikaSerial, you would have access to both component features. For more details about the format, do not hesitate to tuotrial the random generator documentation page.

How to Build a Joomla Restaurant Site. For more details about the other settings, you can see the pack configuration documentation page.

How to Use the Hikashop Extension in Joomla

The rest of the fields depend on the product type and specifications, and are optional. With the main features for a little shop. After, go in the ” Product data display ” part and in the Product features display ” part, change following parameters: This isn’t the ideal workflow for production, but it is the right sequence for getting an understanding of HikaShop and how all the parts fit together.

For more details about the other settings, you can see the global configuration documentation page. Price – I added a discount for buying 20 or more shirts Variants – three colors three sizes Options – two options with an up charge for each. With this setting of 2, your specific shipping price will only be displayed if the customer order at least 2 items of tutogial product.

The Joomlashack Blog

Add product categories and prices. Finally, if you don’t set any prices for a product, it will be considered as a free product. Most use case just requires the group subscriber features ; so the Joomla account will be put in specific user groups and you can use Joomla ACL afterwards to authorize or refuse actions or pages in your website.


In this exampe Joomla Products is the default hiikashop categories” renamed.

Before you save it choose No for Published. Before you proceed, be sure you save your work.

Ttutorial modules options are roughly the same as the options for the menu items so we invite you to hikaashop the Menus options Index section. You can see here, different tab to navigate through different options, and so just click to access all menu options. Install Hikashop Add a product Add product details Add product categories and price Add variants Add tutorila This isn’t the ideal workflow for production, but it is the right sequence for getting an understanding of HikaShop and how all the parts fit together.

For example, when you create a product, it calls the two triggers “onBeforeProductCreate”, which is called before the save of the created product, and “onAfterProductCreate”, which is called after the save. You can now see them added to the Characteristics panel. See this frontend view that respect the previous color legend.

Hiksshop HikaShop, a product or a variant can have several prices. Secure eBook generator for the integration with the “Secure eBook” plateform deprecated Depending the plugins you’re using for the plan, they can act differently depending the state of the tutorail. The attach serial documentation page already includes a little sample configuration. You’ll discover whether or not you need to upgrade to a more complete version. To display in an other navigator window AND with Navigation.

A pack is a “pack of serial”, it contains serials in order to group them for a specific purpose. If unsure, please make sure that you do a backup of the website before or try first on a copy of your website.