The Historical Role Of Islam has 20 ratings and 6 reviews. Shadin said: This book helps me to rethink about the origin of Islam. M.N Roy described shor. The historical role of Islam by Manabendra Nath Roy, , Vora & Co. edition, Microform in English – Fifth Impression. Historical Role Of Islam Bookyards is the world’s biggest online library where you can find a large selection of free ebooks. Download or Author, M. N. Roy.

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In the Empire of Saracens they belonged to the ruling class. Salman Saleem rated it really liked it Apr 09, The most mind freshing thing is that M.

War was no longer the passion and proud profession of the Saracens, because they had found interest and delight in a peaceful world created by the prowess hitorical their forefathers. Imam Husain, the grandson of the Prophet made a lastly attempt to restore Islamic values through his martyrdom but his was the last protest. Roy thus rendered great service by projecting historical rule of Islam in an unbiased manner.

It lays great emphasis on all forms of justice, social, economic as well as gender justice. Umesh rated it really liked it Apr 15, Roy, however, is aware of the fact that Islam did not spread because of its intolerance of other faiths but the inner contradiction of pre-existing religions.

Even the temporal interest of Arabian merchants required it; for trade thrives under peaceful conditions. Harsh Raval rated it it was amazing Mar 24, How it rile around the world.

The origin of Islam from social, political, economical and Geographical perspective explained by M. Destroy neither fruit trees, nor grains, nor cattle. But the riches they extract are unequally shared between those who labour and those who possess.

Roy points out that the main arteries of international trade of the medieval world ran through the countries which embraced Islam and were united in the Saracen Empire. The progeny of the intrepid heroes, who had flocked to the belligerent standard of Abu Bakr and Omar, with the hope of paradise and incidentally ialam spoils, found the modest occupation of trade and industry more profitable, and science and philosophy more gratifying.


The object would be all the better realised, should the conquered peoples accept the new religion; for, then the Unitarian State would be established on a solid foundation. His revolutionary zeal took him to various countries in search of arms from Java to Japan to China to San Francisco to Mexico. Historcial with This Book.

The Historical Role Of Islam

It was but a temporary phase. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Riya Gupta rated it really liked it Mar 11, N Roy described shortly why Islam is much influencial. Thereafter Roy went to Moscow in and met Lenin to discuss with him the national liberation movements in colonial countries.

The Sword of God was unsheathed only when neither of the alternatives was accepted.

This was possible in Arabia because of revolutionary teachings of Islam on one hand, and, because of supreme sacrifices and simple life pattern adopted by the Prophet and his close companions. Be valiant; die rather than yield. All of the book is filled with such illogical statements.


Thousands of traders travelled with their caravans loaded with precious cargoes. The Saracens some suggest it is corrupted form of sehranashin i.

Roy, unlike other historians or interpreters of Islam did not confine this understanding to the religious and spiritual side of Islam but brought to the front its political side and rich cultural contribution.

Aditya Singh rated it liked it Oct 19, The lands through which the trade-routes lay must be m.n.roj and brought under the domination of the unitary state.

A part of kslam wealth produced by the toiling masses, when left with themselves, becomes a powerful impetus to trade. Arafath rated it it was ok Jan 13, Under the domination of the followers of the Prophet, unbelieving peoples were allowed to hold their imperfect faiths and to continue their perverse worships.


Also, he found Islam far more progressive, egalitarian and advocating justice for all. Islam, not only gave freedom to people to pursue their respective faiths but also declared that Allah had sent prophets or guides to all peoples and nations in the world.

The Historical Role Of Islam: Roy later moved away from Marxism to become an exponent of the philosophy of radical humanism. He wrote Historical Role of Islam during this period in when he was struggling for thorough democratisation of society. Sukarjakhro marked it as to-read Apr 17, He was critical of traditional religion and wanted a secular state to remain away from religious ideologies and religious institutions to maintain its secular character.

After their conquest of Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia and the territories across the Oxus, the Arabs captured the Chinese trade and diverted it to pass through their domain of Rolf Africa and Spain, ultimately to reach the markets of Western Europe.

Roy was not a believer in religion as he was Marxist and rationalist though he had renounced his Marxist views but still he had honesty to understand the historical rule of Islam more objectively compared to others.


hiistorical Adil R marked it as to-read Feb 09, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Be merciful; slay neither old men, nor women, nor children. Mohammad Shahid marked it as to-read Jan 28, His contemporaries in India were highly prejudicial to Islam and denounced it as a religion of fanatics and warmongers.