C-Bus Honeywell proprietary Control Bus for communications between Excel 10 W Controllers: WA Constant Volume AHU Controller. Product – Brand: Honeywell; Product Number: WA; SINGLE ZONE AHU WITH STAGED HEAT/COOL OR HEAT PUMP. Category: HVAC. Product Identifiers. GTIN. BRAND. Honeywell. MPN. WA UPC. eBay Product ID (ePID).

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Check the network wiring and type of wire used. This means that if the W Controller is in Cooling mode, the DLC offset bumps the control point up, and when in Heating mode, bumps the control point down. This information is required by the Excel 10 to perform the optimum start strategy.

Voltage inputs are not available in the WA controller. Only use this User Address honeywelp using E-Vision.

ControlUsesRtnAirTemp is 0, then the space temperature sensor is selected. Including the supply fan, the combination of these items may not exceed eight outputs honeyewll a WB,C is used, or six outputs for a WA. The DestSchedOcc has three possible states, occupied, unoccupied or standby.

Wall Module Option 1.

NEMA class 2 transformer voltage output limits. Graph of Sensor Resistance versus Temperature. The node with Bypass bound normally does not have a wall module. An Excel 10 can provide the alarm types listed in Table During recovery operation, the setpoint changes at a rate in degrees per hour depending on the outdoor air temperature.

The first is with an IAQ switch device connected to a digital hoeywell on the W Controller, where a contact closure indicates poor air quality, and initiates the IAQ Override mode.

It is represented in the Intel Format. More than 60 Excel 10s requires a Router. Location of the Service Pin Button Skip to main content.


Window sensor input for additional energy savings. If Alarm is bound and not being acknowledged, the last alarm report entered into AlarmLog is the one that was not acknowledged. A floating-to-pneumatic, or a PWM-to-pneumatic transducer is required for each output signal. For a stand-alone unit, either connect an external time clock to terminals 9 and 10 or put a jumper on terminals 9 and 10 using a jumper puts the controller in continuous occupied mode.

See Alarm and AlarmStatus for related subjects. As the discharge temperature warms up, the economizer modulates open until the minimum position setting is reached. TA through D Wall Modules.

With percent load, the transformer secondary must supply between 23 and 25 volts to meet the NEMA standard. If uiBypassTimer is not zero, it is decremented every minute. However, if the nearest ideal earth ground is inaccessible, consider an alternate source for earth ground.

For projects with existing pneumatically actuated reheat valves, the Excel 10 W Controller output must be converted to a pneumatic signal using a transducer device developed for use with Excel 10 Controllers. When it is configured, it provides the temperature input for the W temperature control loop.

Sensor Data for Calibration. DirtyFilter is set to 0 when a dirty filter has not been detected by either method for one minute. These recommended values are based on past experience with the applications and in most cases do not require further adjustment. See Appendix E for information on how to derive the proper voltage value to enter as an offset during calibration.

Heat pump with two compressors and auxiliary heat stage s CA, and Honeywll Table Subnet 1 is on the Zone Manager side of the router; Subnet w7750s2005 is on the other side. When memory size is betweenandbytes, the application may be too large. Decreasing the Proportional Gain amplifies the effect of the error; that is, for a given error, a small Proportional Gain causes a higher output signal value. Monitor Sensor for network use WB,C only: The control is shut down and disabled until power is cycled or the node is reset.


In Continuous Fan mode, the fan runs whenever the controller is ohneywell Occupied mode.

WA Excel10 CVAHU

If different values for these parameters are desired, Table 13 Table If an operator is adding to, or is changing an existing system, the Table of Contents can provide the relevant information.

This input is used to cause the economizer to open to a predetermined position when poor indoor air quality is detected. Graph of Sensor Current versus Enthalpy volts. DlcShed indicates the state of nviDlcShed. Check the occupancy and HVAC modes. q7750a2005

Honeywell W7750A2005 Excel 10 Cvahu

M Monitor, P Parameter, S Schematic nviEcon allows one controller to determine the suitability of outdoor air for free cooling and share this with many other nodes.

All actions, in this case, taken from the Override pushbutton are locked out. Typical WA Controller with separate transformer application wiring diagram. When using different types is unavoidable, use a QA,B Router at the junction. With this flexibility, it is necessary to verify the stability of the temperature control in each different type of application.

Correctly selecting the FiftySixtyHz decreases the noise picked up by analog switch wiring from the power mains. S Schematic—These points appear in E-Vision monitor mode graphics. High side triac switching B and C only.