That’s why we rely on the Hoshin Kanri Planning process. It takes The Hoshin Planning Matrix, or X matrix, captures the objectives and cascading priorities. Many organizations utilizing a formal Strategy Deployment or Hoshin Kanri methodology make use of what’s called an “X-Matrix” to develop. X-matrix Hoshin Kanri (sometimes called “strategy deployment”) is an approach that helps companies achieve breakthrough goals over a.

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In our example, we entered 3 short-term objectives and each of them are aligned with each of the long-term objectives. A Hoshin Kanri X-matrix is a one page document strategic plan of any organization kabri includes goals, strategies, strategic projects initiatives and owners.

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment

You should assign to each Portfolio board the process owner who is going to be responsible for executing the project inside. To distinguish one from another, use different figures for visualizing them circles, triangles, squares, etc. Anatomy of the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix 1. Great article and video. mateix

The most popular way of implementing Hoshin Kanri is applying the X matrix. Gain a better understanding in only 10 minutes!

The value in the X-Matrix used in Hoshin Kanri is in the interaction between the sections. Note that individuals are named and assigned to achieve the specific improvements. Explore Matgix Learn more about strategic planning and Hoshin Kanri in this 8-hour, on-demand course. Note how this is the starting point of the table.

Home Strategy Hoshin Kanri. Comments Great article and video. A X-matrix is a very good example of how Hoshin Kanri uses visual management style. You create a Portfolio Kanban board for each of them. Following this line of thought, right next to the key metrics, you need to list the key stakeholders who will be responsible for leading the completion of the activities in the top quadrant of the matrix.


What other steps are there and how can you demonstrate or plan to get to that 5yr breakthrough? In Hoshin Kanri, the X-matrix created at organizational level is cascaded to various functions or business units as child X-matrices. What corrective actions are needed for those that are behind? Afterward, you break down the shorter initiatives into 2 key projects for each one that needs to be completed to achieve them.

A simple way to calculate the overall number of tasks that your team will have to complete is to break down each initiative into an actual plan for execution to the smallest possible task before listing the next long-term plan in the matrix. This article explains the Hoshin Kanri in a practical way. Learn more about catchball in this video. Each of the improvement opportunities should align with an annual objective and each annual objective should align with a year breakthrough objective.

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The Seven Steps of Hoshin Planning – Lean Methods Group

Many Japanese organizations have the culture of conducting their monthly strategic review meetings around the displayed X-matrix. Some organizations focus on strategy deployment while others focus on metrics deployment. We use the seven-step Hoshin Howhin process in combination with business development and innovation tools.

Hoshin Kanri3. This template is available for free as an editable Word file or as an editable Excel file. The process also fosters communication and participation in establishing the goals as well as serve as a tool to hold individuals accountable for achieving their assigned objectives.

You have entered an incorrect email address! We have worked with many organizations deploying the Hoshin Planning process to help them develop and execute their strategy. The Hoshin Planning Matrixor X matrix, captures the objectives and cascading priorities.


Typically the leader of your organization is responsible for setting up the matrix if applied on a grand scale or any manager who is implementing it on a team level. For example, you can list a primary and a secondary way of correlation.

Annual Improvement Opportunities and Priorities 4. Once in a year, the X-matrix and its contents are revisited by the leadership team. Save my name, email, d website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is your current state with respect to your vision, business planning processes and execution engine? First, we develop top-level improvement priorities and then apply metrics to them.

To achieve the first year growth, the company identifies the improvement priorities to make the sales goals achievable. Properly used, Hoshin Kanri will help employees to focus on goal achievement. The Hoshin Kanri Table would look like the following image:.

Let us assume that an organization desires to expand international sales. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When filling the template, you need to list the most important parts of the diagram closest to the center. To mark the dependencies between the quadrants in your Hoshin Kanri X matrix, you need to place an appropriate figure in the squares on the intersections between each quadrant in hoshun corners of the diagram.

Many companies struggle with translating strategic mtarix into actionable items on a daily process. Henry Mintzberg Organizational Configurations December 18,