How to Ravish a Rake. Buy This Book. I have enjoyed reading Vicky Dreiling in the past. I like her sense of humour, which extends to her. How to Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling Amy Hardwicke realizes that this is probably her last season and the last opportunity to find a husband. SCANDALOUS DESIRES Amy Hardwick has one last Season to shake off her wallflower image and make a love match. If she can’t, she’ll set aside her.

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And after she and Will are forced into a marriage to avoid scandal, she doesn’t back down and do what society expects her to do live a separate life from Will after popping out an heir.

I’ve been hoping for one of the author’s books to live up to her debut, but it hasn’t happened yet. Devil Darcett certainly lived up to his name.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rake has to seduce said wallflower.

But as she falls more and more for his charms, she worries about him not being able to quit his rakish ways and breaking her heart if she allows herself to fall in love with him. The physical attraction between Amy and Wil was strong from the beginning and super-hot throughout the book. Amy, davish emerging wallflower and the Will, the lovable rake with wanderlust. I know Will is described as a rake and not caring about anything except his own pleasure, discovers a responsibility towards Amy and decides he does have a conscious after all.


How to Ravish a Rake

However, it is at one of these balls that she finds herself locked in a Vicky Dreiling has done it again. Historical romance isn’t as much my thing a paranormal romance, Dreiling has definitely converted me!

She’s on too last Season and decides to make this one to deviate from the earlier Wallflower years. What do you think?

Aug 29, Danielle rated it liked it Shelves: That whole situation that they were caught in was hilarious. She struggles with great anxiety to approach groups and gets tongue tied when everyone is speaking at once. Another great book from Vicky.

I could see why she was bothered by it, but I didn’t think it warranted all that drama. I really did enjoy the fact that he was willing to do the whole relationship thing backwards. Amy is devastated that her dreams of true love have been dashed, but she vows to make the best of her marriage. Rake ends up falling in love.

And after she and Will are forced into a marriage to avoid scandal, How to Ravish a Rake was an excellent read.

It wa I think my fav of the series so far http: I loved them individually as well together Will is very charming and I loved his humor and I fell in love with him. This was a fun and rabish romance. Though I’m gripping, I really did enjoy the story and the relationship between Amy and Will.

Grandmamma tugged on his arm. This ravsh happening in a time when women were expected to be married not career minded, yet Amy knew she ravisj have some income just in case.

The hero, Will was delicious and Amy was just delightful. I look forward to reading more from this author. Apr 09, Jen Davis rated it liked it. As an only child, Amy has had more freedom than most women in society during this time period but it also seems that she has a hard time coming to grips with how society limits her actions. But who knew he might have actually have few decent bones in him after all.


How to Ravish a Rake (How to , book 3) by Vicky Dreiling

This leaves her tongue tied in social situations and confused in larger crowds, which explains the idea that she is aloof, first mentioned in Duke. Debo aceptar que le iba a poner 3 estrellas, no porque se lo mereciera sino porque era un 2.

The bantor was also witty and refreshing enjoyable. They pressure Hawk his elder brother to cut off his funds. As luck would have it, the two actually do end up compromised, though completely by accident.

Their story was different but no less interesting. The ending just really spoiled my enjoyment of the book and didn’t feel like it belonged. When a dressmaker offers her money in exchange for her designs, Amy agrees on the condition that the deal is kept secret.

Toss in that situation with their newly coerced marital status and it made for a thrilling page turning experience.