Panels – menu items / functions for interacting with HyperMesh. • Sub-panels – divides panel Generally refers to file types other than a HyperMesh binary file. HyperWorks OptiStruct Tutorials and Examples Learn more at The file is necessary for OptiStruct to recognize it as an input file. 3. All files referenced in the HyperMesh tutorials are located in the HyperWorks installation directory under /tutorials/hm/. If the location of your HyperWorks.

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Page 4 of 10 control is achieved by supplying the surface generator with some plot elements, which will indicate what hyperdorks boundaries of the various surfaces should be.

Measure the distance between two nodes. Any loads that are created will be organized into this load collector. Activate the equiv free edges only check box. All of the edges in the model should be displayed as green shared edges, tutorals that we have a completely enclosed thin solid part. Ifletype the Import tab in one of the following ways: Select lines, then duplicate, then original comp from the extended entity selection menu to copy the new line into the current component Geometry.

Tags hyperworks Printed Edition tutorial. A red V marks the beginning of the line to be extended. Click the comps selector once to review the reordered list of components.

Graphics area The graphics area under the title bar is the display area for your model. The content of the Utility tab changes based upon the selected user profile. Split curves by tangent line and delete redundant line. Select the component, mid1.


Power Cables and Busbars Power cables, power bars and busbars are used to distribute and transmit electrical energy through the grid. HyperMesh immediately creates a fillet on the screen.

Sometimes a shaded view is best, while other times, a wireframe view allows you work on hyperworke inside the model. The objective is to minimize the compliance for the single subcase.

Retrieve and view the model file. With the active selector set to node list, pick node 2 from the graphics area. With the elems selector active, select several elements from the graphics area. Press the CTRL key and spin the mouse wheel.

Print…ition – optistruct-03-symmetry and draw direction applied topopt

Seamless integration of 0D-1D and 3D worlds This webinar will introduce you to Altair Activate for control system design and the ease of solving real world problems with co-simulation between MotionSolve multibody simulation suite and Activate. Opening and Saving Files This exercise uses the following model files: You can also simply draw a linear line to zoom in on a portion of the model.

They will be visible again when you return to the translate panel. Mesh based autotolerance option allows the tool to determine the tolerance as tutoriaos factor of the average element size. Viewers will be shown how complex, detailed nonlinear airframe simulations can be modeled and performed quickly and accurately. Set the selector under response type: The model rotates with the movement of the mouse.

  CMS 10124 PDF

This window is not displayed by default.

Printition – optistructsymmetry and draw direction applied topopt

Notice N1 is the active selector. Notice that it contains two components, rigid and shells. Click Apply and OK. Iso value plot of element densities Fileetype most of your elements converged to a density close to 1 or 0? Still, development cycles must be shortened and development costs reduced. Click mesh to mesh the surfaces. Page 6 of 8?

Retrieve the HyperMesh model file, bumper. Select the pattern repetition subpanel using the radio buttons on the left side of the panel. Click the switch and fileyype to slave.

With the upper elems selector active, select displayed. The check boxes within this menu turn the display of the different edge types and fixed points surface vertices on or off. Fileytpe farther the mouse pointer is from the center of rotation, the quicker the model rotates. Join the Simulation Revolution: Each fixed point will be deleted as you select it.

Click the update button on the right side to create the slave DTPL card.

All the fillets are removed.