I Married a Dead Man [Cornell Woolrich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I Married a Dead Man. Cornell Woolrich. synopsis. Happenstance. Perhaps a wonderful bonanza, possibly an unmerciful future. Without thinking to possess it, . I Married a Dead Man is one of Cornell Woolrich’s best–known crime novels. The plot is convoluted but it works like a well-oiled machine.

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It was a double whammy surprise hit on my psyche. It marriwd really quite powerful and I do think it is really tragic. Woolrich does not disappoint, but beyond that I will just say lovers of noir will enjoy this book hugely, all implausibilities aside. Helen is pregnant and has been abandoned by the man who did it, but she has received a one-way ticket to San Francisco.

Woolrich writes pretty well, altho sometimes with a dated, purple marride, which gives the impression that he is trying to please readers of romance fiction who may have picked up the book on one of those spinning paperback racks one used to see in pharmacies.

Whether that’s because they have trouble empathizing or are just afraid to mention it, I can’t say. This relationship sits at the heart of corne,l novella because for the conceit of the story to work we must view them as a tragic couple and believe that had they met under different circumstances they might have been happy. Yes, there is often a clumsy convenience to his plots, but isn’t that part of the weird fableness? The bulk of his best-known work, however, was written in the field of crime fiction, often appearing serialized in pulp magazines mrried as paperback novels.


Bill says he did it.

Dust & Corruption: I MARRIED A DEAD MAN by Cornell Woolrich

That must be fate, bowling against me. Helen decides to act the part of Patrice, though not without a sense marfied dread. Dark, spare, and melodic. The grieving parents are likeable but presented somewhat abstractly, referred to by their roles as mother and father rather than by name and given limited and fairly general personality traits.

I Married a Dead Man – Cornell Woolrich – Google Books

But a cigarette still sent up smoke in a dish. I bought it for a film noir marred, but we never got around to it, so I read it in my spare time, and I’m glad I did.

The ending was classic and ambiguous and Excellent. Woolrich creates the suspense so successfully that the novel becomes a page turner for the rest of it’s duration.

I Married A Dead Man by Cornell Woolrich

Here’s a good example of Woolrich’s prose, describing Patrice in a phone booth, “She was like a doll propped upright in its gift-box, and with one side of the box left off, to allow the contents to be seen. Paperbackpages. Woolrich qoolrich, and did, write a lot better than this in other books and stories.

First, the late Hugh Hazzard’s brother Woolric falls in love with “Patrice”; and the lowlife who had seduced and abandoned Helen figures out what happened and comes a-blackmailing. The characters tend to speak stiffly and properly. Even the villain is made more vile and menacing by his utterly pedestrian nature. Woolrich wrote somberly and carefully.

Once they do, they’re hooked, but it can be jarring if you’re used to the modern – and mundane – type of storytelling. Notify me of new comments via email. I Married a Dead Man manages to keep a consistently high level of tension throughout by placing its protagonist in an extraordinary yet still fairly plausible predicament, and then simply letting things play out to their logical conclusion.

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Like in Mqn, the mood is as important as the story, and both are fairly heavy.

I Married a Dead Man

A scenario like this would probably not happen in the United States today. I Married a Dead Man is one such novel, I came to it from the Barbara Stanwyck film No Man of her Own, and I find the novel is just as good as the film, they didn’t change a thing in the film apart from the final scene.

But I get awfully tired woolrkch reading about the same happy hookers and highly capable, critical-but-nurturant wives all the time. As it turns out, the other lady passenger and her husband are killed, while our young mother-to-be is not.

On the train she meets a couple named Patrice and Hugh. I loved it from the beginning.

Woolrich places the reader into the mind of someone and you feel and experience the world and the situation from her perspective, as she takes the place of another and lives in fear. Outside, the street-lights went spinning by like glowing bowls coming toward her down a bowling-alley.

The Cornell Woolrich Omnibus: Books by Cornell Woolrich. Cornell Woolrich aka William Irish divine? Oh, you meant in the second.