Why “I Was Blind But Now I See” is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle). I’m not going to brag. The purpose of this post is to inform on three things: A) A lot of . copies Contents Contents Dedication Acknowledgments About The Author I Was Blind But Now I See The 10 Commandments of James-ism What is This. But in “I Was Blind But Now I See” there’s a lot of original material, even if some material is based on some of my blog posts. I describe more.

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He has also run venture capital funds, hedge funds, angel funds, and currently sits on the boards of many companies. I, for one, wouldn’t want to be admitted to a hospital only to find my life depends on a doctor who is getting on-the-job training, but has been too busy thus far to study any medical texts — doctors don’t have loads of free time when at the hospital.

And get you one step closer to becoming a better human being. Altucher’s work that I purchased 2 of his books. Instead we will have an internet voting system to pass every single bill. I don’t want to be mean, but Altucher’s outlook on the wqs is incredibly simplistic and his recommended solutions to the world’s greatest problems usually involve nothing more than “don’t do it” or “abolish it.

In the book the author attempts two things. He also has some great advice for people who have been fired, such as establishing a network of past business contacts, cutting daily expenses, and keep a daily routine to stay busy. Just like when we were kids we believed in Santa Claus and how George Washington chopped down the cherry tree, now as adults we’ve been trained to believe in much more dangerous and insidious ideas.


Although I don’t agree with him on every point, I can totally appeal to the underlying idea that people get stuck to a paradigm without questioning it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The author is a serialentrepreneur, investor, trader, programmer and amateur psychologist who went from poor to very rich to very poor to rich and to poor again and writes sfe his experiences along the way and a very strong anecdotal form.


I Was Blind But Now I See by James Altucher

I originally thought Altucher sounded arrogant and it was surprising as he’s not that in his podcast, but if you continue you reading you’ll realize he’s just sharing his thoughts, and that’s it. And then he will show you, example by example, how he re-created everything, he will teach you his daily practice, and he will do it in a very hands-on way.

Interestering stories of his personal life on how he coped. If you’re troubled by being overly compassionate to people who suck or if you are over involved with a lot of current issues, this book might help you. Description We’ve been brainwashed. I’m a huge fan of Altucher’s blog and while he makes it clear that the book is merely a collection of blog posts, it flows smooth enough and has his classic whit and humor. It’s not edited greatly typos, weird grammar, some repetitionbut it is brutally honest.

The advice I thought was most useful was that about dealing with people that you don’t like.

The original line is from John 9: Another great James Altucher book! The section on self-publishing a book is helpful. One of the strangest and most personal self-help books you’ll ever encounter. Who is ultimately responsible for the federal government? And write more lists. I agree with a lot of what he says so it’s kind of preaching to the converted. James Altucher wzs one of my favorite bloggers. Their ability to affect change is extremely limited, being largely confined to making recommendations to the U.


I think people have a fear of religion but throughout the book I liberally steal without credit from Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, and many different texts and religious sources. We need to acknowledge this. These are the key takeaways.

Npw deciding on each and every item before taking it back into your house. On the topic of “crappy people”, I’ve taken some immediate steps that have happily reduced my exposure to negativity We all should “Choose our selves”!

For this book, as opposed to my first self-published altucjer, I used a professional book designer, Alexander Becker. Layout and typesetting, as well as some behind-the-scenes work from yours truly. My respect to him for this also.

I Was Blind But Now I See

Ajmes 07, Raf rated it it was amazing. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? This just might be the most pointless book I have ever read. Oh, and he also says that people who criticize his works must sse been molested or otherwise had a terrible childhood. I had to put it down and I may or may not ever come back to this one. Have balls to pick myself up, and keep going.

Wndsn Polaris Memento by: This is free advice, and you’d be wise to listen and take notes. It’s pretty much self-help anyway with a healthy dose of commiserating with a guy who just happened to figure it and do something about it.