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An attribution, as muchas a prologue, adds meaning to the text to which it is attached, andat the same time, guides the reader to a certain kind of interpreta-tion. Goldschmidt, Medieval Texts, p. A list of the textual correspondencesbetween the ferrwz Grgs texts is found in GrgSkl, pp.

Staarhlsbk contains two legal texts, which have been identifiedby scholars as Grgs and Jrnsa. Hlab,pp.

Their major premise is that Snorri wrote all the kings sagasknown to us as Heimskringla: By extending Wenzels proposal to questions of layoutas a whole we might be prompted to investigate the significance ofthe presentation and layout of this manuscript. Viking Society for Northern Research,especially pp.

What brought sagas forth was a combination of contributing forces: La diversit des tmoignages historiques est presque infinie.

This emphasis on the Volksgeistcustoms and traditions embodied in institutionsgave place to thevery organized, systematized concept of the law of the legal positivists. History became literature and litera-ture was history.

Icelanders and the Kings of Norway: Mediaeval Sagas and Legal Texts (The Northern World, 17)

Enginn efi er a Peder Claussnvar ljst a Snorri var hfundur Hkr. If fine, elaborate manuscripts were not the norm,it could well be that the manuscript was intended, as Konrad Maurersuggested, to be used for legislative purposes, as a scholarly refer-ence to the laws in use up to the period of writing. How far should we use postulated poetic rules and conventions as ameans of rejecting readings, diagnosing corruptions, and devising emen-dations?

  LC1 D1810 PDF

In this case, the slenzkduction to Laurents Hanssns sagaoversttelse, p.

I tecio exam-ine the power which the king could exercise in Iceland, and suggestthat it is greater than has previously been thought.

It is possible to read them as one provision: Universitetet i Oslo,sampajo. According to this reading, in relation to legal procedures of theirlawsuits in Iceland, Norwegians had the same rights as Icelandersand the exceptionality of the summoning did not apply to the law-suits of the kings subjects, but only to the king. Udsat paa Danske Copen-hagen, Thorsson urges a radical re-evaluation of the dating of the sagas,based, above all, on the re-evaluation of the predominant role oftextual criticism on the edition of the texts, their handling and inter-pretation.

Yale University Press,pp. Moreover, only if they could pay landaurar were Icelandersentitled to come and settle in Norway provision Viella,especially part v, La pagecrite: From the Ice Age to the OilAge, trans. Studies in Northern Europe, ed. Most probably, the provision shows that a great degree ofrespect was devoted to royal power.

Adriele Marques –

In a legal text, that structurewill be legally significant, and probably shows some legal understanding in the lay-out of the text. I begin by assess-ing the fourteenth-century evidence of the Icelandic submission inthe sagas and annals: Saraiva,and Trcio Sampaio FerrazJr. En bat ero laug milli Islanz oc Noregs at islenzcir menn er beir coma Noreg gialda bar landaura.

He looked upon them aspart of that great and total body of knowledge, the scientia de omni scibili, which hadonce been the property of the ancient sages.

Icelanders have the right to go to Iceland except when an enemy hostis known for certain in Norway. Raederwith Franz Blatt, 2 vols Copenhagen: Historiographically, these agreements are crucialdocuments, which form the basis of modern perceptions of this event.


This book is printed on acid-free paper. Lg oc rett scolo hans mennbar hafa. In thisstudy, I have divided each section into distinct legal provisions accord-ing to the main topic of the clauses. Responding to Turville-Petres assertion that the latterwas a better work, Olmstead says that underlying this perspective is the broadassumption that Oddr and Snorri saw themselves as engaged in the same literarypursuit p.

Gitzor biskup oc Teitr filius eius. As will be seen, some provisions in the lafslg seem to contra-dict provisions samppaio Grgs, while others set out the same matter, andas it is not possible to establish which provision prevailed, or indeedwhether it is plausible to speak of such prevalence, this chapter willexpose ferrwz discuss many interpretations of those connections.

The manuscript-dating in Ordbog over det norrne prosaprog: Islendingar scolo eigi toll giallda i noregi nema land ra ea var mon-num i cp. Indeed, it is doubtful that historical conditions would have permittedsuch a project. On the division between fiction and history in the sagas, see also GerdWolfang Weber, Fact und Fiction als Mass-stbe literarischer Wertung in derSaga, Zeitschrift fr deutsches Altertum und deutsche Literatur,andFritz Paul, Das Fiktionalittsproblem in der altnordischen Prosaliteratur, Arkiv frnordisk filologi, 97 For instance, Holm papp 18 fol.

ZetГ©rica e DogmГЎtica. FERRAZ JUNIOR. Tercio Sampaio. IED 4. ed

Sgufrslusjur,pp. Afmlisrit til heiurs Magnsi Stefnssyni sextugum Some schol-ars have looked into linguistic correspondences between Egils saga and Heimskringla;under the assumption that Snorri wrote the latter, they attempt to prove that healso wrote the former.

Almenna bkaflagi,i, pp.