In , with the Industrial Revolution well underway, the engineer Ildefons Cerdà, author of the Plan for the Reform and Extension of. Ildefons Cerda (December 23, – August 21, ) was an urban planner originally trained as a civil engineer who left his job in the civil engineering. Constricted by its medieval walls, Barcelona was suffocating – until unknown engineer Ildefons Cerdà came up with a radical expansion plan.

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From within, the uniqueness of each city block is a disorienting yet atmospheric pedestrian experience. As there was no more land left inside the city walls, all kinds of inventions were used to build more lodgings — houses were literally being created on empty space.

He became interested in politics and the study of urban planning. His street layout and grid plan were optimized to accommodate pedestrians, carriages, horse-drawn trams, urban railway lines as yet unheard-ofgas supply and large-capacity sewers to prevent frequent floodswithout neglecting public and private gardens and other key amenities. Larger institutions such as hospitals, cemeteries, parks, plazas and industrial buildings would be spaced at calculated, even distances within each zone providing an overall utilitarian radius of access for Eixample inhabitants.

In the mids, Barcelona was on the brink of collapse. In total, Pro Eixample attempted to recover 50 block interiors representing roughly ,m 2 of space.

In addition, only one of the two planned diagonal streets was realized. A few of the courtyard conversions however, are indeed exceptional.


The DNA of modern Barcelona

Even today, this design makes traffic circulation infinitely easier in Eixample. When the government of the time finally gave in to public pressure and allowed Barcelona’s city walls to be torn down, he realized the need to plan the city’s expansion so that the new cerva would become an efficient and livable place, unlike the congested, epidemic-prone old town within the walls.

At the same time, fans of Enric Miralles can lounge on one of his sculptures at the Jardines Jaume Perich. Culturally, the Eixample was and still is inhabited by the well-to-do, instead of integrating social classes. Please share it in the comments below or on Twitter using storyofcities. Ramon Casasa painter who had grown up in a shadowy house in the old ilvefons, was one of the modernist artists who moved to this new district, and could often be seen strolling or riding a bike on its streets with fellow cultural figures.

Ildefons Cerda finalized the development of his Eixample plan at his own expense.

Ildefons Cerdà station – Wikipedia

December 23, Centelles, Catalonia, Spain. The walls were becoming a health risk, almost literally suffocating the people of Barcelona — who were addressed directly in the following public statement of Support Failed Architecture’s quality content and independent voice donate.

He joined the Corps of Engineers and lived in various cities in Spain before settling in Barcelona in and marrying Clotilde Bosch.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And yet, none of these ideas were well-received or appreciated in Barcelona at the time.

With interest in the socio-cultural aspect of architecture and how local cultures interact differently with their built environment he seeks out untold histories, local knowledge and roughing it travels when ipdefons from architectural office life.


At this time, grid or radial based urban planning principles were being implemented or experimented with in New Ilxefons, Buenos Aires, Paris and London. Retrieved from ” https: A visit to the manzana courtyards provides an offbeat tourist or local itinerary to a little-seen side of Barcelona. While the tower is no longer functional, the historic and unique form in addition to the courtyard conversion crda it a popular and well-used space.

He detailed professions the population might do, and mapped the services they might need, such as marketplaces, schools and hospitals.

Ildefons Cerdà – Wikipedia

Show 25 25 50 All. By using this site, you agree ildedons the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat Instead, many reclaimed courtyards appear as normative, dusty, hardscaped open plazas with few users. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Your email address will not be published.

Ildefons Cerdà

Although in general terms his plan was realized, he died penniless, credited with a neighborhood that is a distant reflection of his initial intentions. At the Jardines de Montserrat Roig, a copper beer kettle-leftover from the Damm brewery which previously occupied the site remains as an interactive playscape. Jardins de Flora Tristan.