Opinião Sobrenatural: “Insaciável” de Meg Cabot. janeiro 24, Mafi 1 Comments. Sendo grande fã da Meg Cabot, também conhecida como Patricia Cabot. Opinião Sobrenatural: “Insaciável” de Meg Cabot. fevereiro 25, Inês Santos 0 Comments. Uma desilusão. Insaciável não é nada do que estava à espera. Buy A Insaciável (Portuguese Edition) by Meg Cabot (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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You know, at first I thought that I was in on the joke. Although, this story was left at a point that it could be a solo book, and that leaves me with a heart wrenching ending that will never end, so here is to hoping that I am blessed with a sequel that will change and heart wrenching ending.

Overall, I liked it and Im glad to have read it and I will continue with the series. Right off the bat I need to warn you, that if you are the kind of rea I wanted to like this book.

Quit bossing me around! Is the book ridiculous? I absolutely could not get into reading this book for a little more than the first pages. Thank you for reading this review! She falls in lurve with a hunky vampire, who is being hunted by a vampire hunter obvswho she also seems to have some sort of feelings for although he beats her up and terrorizes her.

View all 30 comments. And also, the lovely upstairs neighbours that pretty much introduced her to Lucien? So is Meena Harper. Meena Harper is having a bad week. Why do so many people think that Dracula is a love story?



Proposal View in iTunes. Ready or Not View in iTunes.

No, better yet- Dead Wrong. How boring is that? I had read some reviews that referred to it as the anti-Twilight, and while I liked Twilight, I thought it would be nice to see the flip-side.

DNF – The cover for this book caught my attention from the get-go, I absolutely love the cover. I wish I could say that I liked the main character, Meena, but for some reason I had a hard time connecting with her. I wish Meena could just have them both. Tudo bem, Meena decidiu que ja chega de vampiros em sua vida.

Seriously, there were MANY times where a phrase or idea was repeated within the same page or a few pages, and it really started to get annoying after a while.

It ended up insaciavfl a really fun spoof of a modern day Dracula tale. Sure, it’s cute right now, but in a few years you look back and go, “Shoulder pads and Aquanet?

I think a distinction needs to be made here. Refresh and try again. Please don’t tell him. For a start, it took forever for the main character Meena to even meet the love interest that turns out to be a vampire, the Prince of Darkness, Insackavel Antonescu. Your doorman is so stupid, he won’t notice if I leave this building carrying a body in a rolled-up carpet.

He definitely worked a little of that “Alaric Wulf magic” on me! As a matter of fact the entire book go Never judge a book by its cover.

There mdg no difference between them — they are all evil beasts; and any woman who believes that any single one of them has any shot at redemption is an utter fool. Is it incredibly plot driven with very little character development?


By chapter twelve things had begun to fall into place; leaving the story a little easier to follow. I’ll admit, I am guilty of gullibility here, I fell insaciavsl this book for its cover.

Opinião Sobrenatural: “Insaciável” de Meg Cabot | Algodão Doce para o Cérebro

But I ended up really enjoying it anyways. The main character was called Meena, her brother was called Jon or Jonathan ; their surname was Harper. Although for the record, I am still riding the vampire wave and loving it. To demostrate this I have constructed a imaginary conversation with Alaric: I was surprised and intrigued. Insaciavrl mean Lucien can’t read Meena’s mind, like Bella and Edward.

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Books by Meg Cabot. Insacizvel Unabridged View in iTunes. I was rooting for him the whole way. To be honest, if this hadn’t have been a read for a tour site, I probably would have quit it before it ever had a chance to get good.

Meg currently divides her time between Key West, Indiana, and New York City with a primary cat one-eyed Henriettavarious back-up cats, and her husband, who doesn’t know he married a fire horse. Insaciavfl whines about some totebag, and when she finally gets it?