The Intercall nurse call system is easy to use and can be fitted to existing wiring. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for both staff and patients alike. Intercall Sort by: Intercall 2m Pear Push Lead. Quick View. Intercall 2m Pear Push Lead. £ Compare. Add To Cart · Intercall 3m Extension Lead. NC Master PSU (for use on Pre Intercall series sys NC- / Standard Callpoint (now with Emergency & SRP termina NC-.

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Used to isolate monitoring devices such as PIR1 or door contact.

An alternative power supply unit is required for larger installations and is designed to increase the permitted number of units and quantity of cable allowed on one system. Commonly used where only additional sound is required as opposed to nitercall visual notifications. Slave call points can only generate a standard call from either the call button or pear lead socket.

Connects directly to the call point — this is not an addressable device. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for both staff and patients alike. The unit features three input triggers: A movement detector designed to monitor when a resident leaves their own bed or enters an area of risk.

L Power Supply Controller.

Ideal Technology Intercall

Works with a bed or chair sensor mat when a person attempts to get up from the bed or chair. Only one master power supply may be connected on any one system but several booster units may be connected as required. Also available with an integral sounder alarm LS.


Authorised staff carry a proximity card, which isolates the unit and unlocks the door as required and access levels can be set for each card. Often located adjacent to the bedroom door to allow staff to carry out night time checks without disturbing the client. Can be linked into a full dementia room with L to monitor movement and light switching.

Intercall NurseCall – Nurse Call Systems UK

Typical applications include telephone ring detectors, contacts from fire alarm or other control panels or input from remote contacts etc. Can be programmed with corresponding room number or resident name using the Intercall programming kit.

Can be zoned intercalll show only calls made on a particular floor or wing. Pager mode is 6600 with the RFTX Alphanumeric paging equipment to provide alphanumeric paging output. L Remote sounders are designed to boost audibility of display panels throughout the home. Any assistance or emergency call on the system will over-ride the standard call tone. Ask a question about this product.

Intercall Nursecall 600

What’s more, with five call intercalp, programmable text, call logging and the ability to incorporate up to call points, the Intercall system is one of the most comprehensive systems on the market. Manufacturer Intercall Nurse Call Systems. Quickly identify which room is calling and what the current call level is.

It connects to the mains supply and incorporates full battery back up to safeguard the system in the event of a mains supply failure. If you need an audible alarm to attract attention, but don’t need an indication of the call location, the L is the simple solution. The ‘call follower’ sounder whih is activated when the call point is in ‘staff present’ mode, alerts staff to other calls on the system. Can be programmed with custom room names and numbers. Also available with an integral sounder alarm LS.


The unit features three input triggers: Ideal for users who have limited mobility, the TIR4 pendant is worn around the neck and provides a quick and easy way for residents to make a call. The jack socket will accept any closing contact input from pear leads, pressure mats, radio triggers and a host of other trigger devices.

The unit also features an integral second exit timer with audible alarm tone and mode jumper to prevent sensitive or dangerous exit doors being permanently left open. The L has the capacity to power an entire Intercall system with provision in the enclosure to accommodate a battery for system backup requirements.

Any movement within the receiver’s range will activate a call, and trigger the call point. Available in 2m or 4m lengths. The sounder mimics the LCD display sounding patterns.

Intercall 600/700

The L Universal System Interface intecall used to output system activity in three formats: Designed for use in one room or ward where each individual bed doesn’t need a separate identity on the call system. Intercall Nurse Call Systems. It also incorporates twin integral reassurance indicators, which flash to confirm a call has been generated.