A long-out-of-print novella by Moning (The Immortal Highlander, , etc.) that’s padded with previously unpublished bits and pieces of her. Into the Dreaming. Karen Marie Moning. For my sister Laura, whose talent for shaping unformed clay extends to far more than that which can be fired in a kiln. The Hardcover of the Into the Dreaming (Highlander Series #8) (with bonus material) by Karen Marie Moning at Barnes & Noble.

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See 1 question about Into the Dreaming…. I think maybe it could be read in the beginning or the end. Moning made a very good decision to toss this version and go with what was ultimately published. She divides her time between Ohio and Florida dreamig is working on two future projects for Random House Publishing. There’s an innocence in him, theres reasons for that, that I can’t tell you, but theres a scene where he reads Janes novel that made me giddy.

I love the passion in them, the darkness and also the hot alpha men who grace the pages of these books. Tomorrow was a hope. View all 15 comments. I don’t know why I read this one before reading the other previous books in the series. When Jane is transported back in time to save Aeden from the Unseelie King, we really get a glimpse of the undying love they have for one another.


Now in the Waking you must save him Flash forward to Jane a 24 year old aspiring romance novelist who feels out of place in her own generation. Fever Moon, which is a graphic novel with a new Barrons and Mac storyline is scheduled to be released on July 10, To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now.


Bytheir contract allows him 1 month in his home. I rather like Aedan though he is absolutely monign Dageus or Cian. Indulge in your Moning Maniac side.

This is my favorite line: I am a semi-regular reader of her blog, I have posted at her forum and I have considered going to her new release parties in New Orleans. It is rather funny, and Aeden MacKinnon fits that burly, beefy Highlander mold just right.

His narration in this story, as with all the Highlander series, gives each character a distinct voice. Only problem he has not memory of his self or of her, and she has one month to get him to remember everything and find love with her.

This is a nice little short story. Click below for the itinerary of rreaming. Have I proven myself? However, this book totally sucks on the realism department.

Aibhoil knows this is wrong, and while she can’t free Aedan, she can give him hope. And in his century you both may dwell Are you going to be writing anymore books for this series?


Books are doors to endless adventure. I know it says above that it was released with bonus material, but in what format? Now in the Waking you must save him… When an ancient tapestry bearing the likeness of her beloved Highlander arrives on her doorstep, Jane is whisked back in time to fifteenth-century Scotland, to the castle of Dun Haakon on the isle of Skye, where she is given one chance to save her dream lover…or lose him forever to the Unseelie king.

Read Into the Dreaming online free by Karen Marie Moning | PNovels

Hello Karen, i’ve just read books in the Highlander series. View all 18 comments. If he can find love at the end of thirty days, he will be released from the evil king. Sep 16, Hollis rated it really liked it Shelves: The last one was quite short.

Into the Dreaming (Unabridged)

This is just a short story, but it’s dreamy enough to hold my attention. I’d buy that one. Jane will seduce Aeden with home food, children’s laughter and lots of touching and kissing. It’s just perfect for my mood, I think.