The Intoxilyzer , while utilizing case law documented infrared spectroscopy as its method of analysis, is the first breath alcohol instrument in the industry to. The term Breath Testing Device (BTD), as used in this manual, refers to both the. Intoxilyzer (I) and the Intoxilyzer EN (EN). The terms are. (B) Prepare manuals and conduct courses throughout the state for the training of . In order to receive a permit to operate the Intoxilyzer breath alcohol.

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The results of the samples will be printed after the last sample is collected for that particular solution value. The instrument will conduct four analyses of each standard attached.


Any action in reference to operator training will be prepared in writing and sent to the breath test operator via the agency inspector. Any action in reference to the instrument will be prepared in writing and sent to the agency inspector.


Department lnspectors will review cylinder change, login records, control test and diagnostic test electronic data of their assigned evidentiary instruments at least once each month. Safety All required safety measures in place for the protection of personnel and equipment shall be observed. The five alcohol concentrations are:.

The instrument will conduct four analyses of the standard. Department lnspectors will be janual for ensuring any requested documentation, when applicable, is received based on the review.

Table Of Contents – Lion INTOXILYZER Operator’s Manual [Page 3]

The Program Manager or designee will review breath test electronic data at least once each month. The Intoxilyzee lnspector will submit any amended documentation or written explanations to the Program Manager.

The alcohol reference solutions must be from a intoixlyzer manufacturer than the solutions used in Department lnspections. This data is reviewed for the following:.

Lion INTOXILYZER 8000 Operator’s Manual: Table Of Contents

The Department lnspector shall review the inspection data in its entirety and confirm the following:. The Intoxikyzer lnspector is responsible for the receipt of amended documentation or requested written explanations as indicated on the Agency lnspection and Other Electronic Data Review document. The Department lnspector should complete an Agency lnspection and Other Electronic Data Review document for any discrepancy determined from their review, send a copy to the agency inspector, and submit this document to the Program Manager.


The Department lnspector will submit all amended agency inspection reports or written explanations intoxlyzer the Program Manager. After all the solution values have been sampled, the auto cal data will be printed.