: ISO/IEC , Information technology – Security techniques – Management of information and communications technology security – Part. Title: ISO/IEC – Information technology — Security techniques — Management of information and communications technology security — Part 1. International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) [3] standards and guides for conformity The ISO/IEC [5] standard is dedicated in providing.

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Part of judging whether the security is appropriate to the 133335-1 of the organization is the acceptance of the residual risk. The goals of ICT security should be promulgated throughout the organization.

Each oso these phases relates to ICT security ios the following way: Some examples of constraints to be considered are: Organizations should assess their requirements, environment and culture, to determine the specific topics that best suit their circumstances.

In such cases, independent review is important to avoid confiict of interest and to ensure appropriate separation of roles. If, for example, some important or very important components of the business are dependent on accurate or up-to-date information, then one of the ICT security objectives of this organization may be to ensure the integrity and timeliness of the information as it is stored and processed in the ICT systems.

Human Environmental Deliberate Accidental Earthquake Lightning Eavesdropping Errors and omissions Information modification File deletion Floods System hacking Licorrect routing Fire Malicious code Physical accidents Ieo Table 1 – Examples of threats Threats may impact specific parts of an organization, for example disruption to computers.

Some safeguards may exist already as part of the environment, 133351 as an inherent aspect of assets, or may be already in place in the system or organization. However, as the environment can change unpredictably, all vulnerabilities should be monitored to identify those that have become exposed to new or re-emerging threats.


In most situations, feedback will occur between and within all major activities of the ICT security process. Examples of information security incidents are: Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. It is also worth noting that each of an organization’s business areas may identify ICT security requirements that are unique. Scenario 4 – The risk is considered acceptable and no safeguards are implemented even if threats are present and a vulnerability exists. Information exchange, Data processing, Data storage protection, Data security, Planning, Management operations, Organization and methods, Policy formation, Assets, Accident prevention, Safety measures, Management.

The role of such a forum or committee is to: For new systems and systems at the planning stage, it kso be part of the design and development process. Consequently, there is a critical need to protect information and to manage the security of ICT systems within organizations.

ICT security iao should be continuous throughout the lifecycle of an organizational ICT asset. Vulnerabilities should be assessed both individually and in aggregate to consider the full operational context.

This harm can occur from an attack on the information being handled by an ICT system or service, on the system itself, or on other resources, e.

BS ISO/IEC 13335-1:2004

Concepts and models for information and communications technology security management. Statistical data are available concerning many types of environmental threats. These environmental, cultural and legal variations can be significant for international organizations and their use of ICT systems across international boundaries. The risk management process is more fully explained in Part 2 of this International Standard.

Threats have 113335-1 that define their relationships with other security elements. This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc No.: This person would typically be the corporate ICT security officer, who amongst other things should be responsible for the follow-up activities.


The conduct of these duties may be supplemented by the use of external consultants. As 13335- ICT system is used to perform its intended mission, it must be maintained, and it typically will also undergo a series of upgrades that include the purchase of new hardware components or the modification or addition of software.

An example of a vulnerability is lack of access control, which could allow the threat of an intrusion to occur and assets to be lost.

Concepts et modeles pour la gestion de la securite des technologies de l’information et des communications. For example, a software virus on a stand-alone personal computer may have a limited or localized impact. ICT security requirements should be integrated into the 133335-1 by which systems are designed, developed, purchased, upgraded or otherwise constructed.

Vulnerabilities in the presence of particular threats influence protection requirements for assets. A threat may arise from within the organization, for example, sabotage by an employee, or from outside, for example, malicious hacking or industrial espionage.

Certain conventions are, however, not identical to those used in Indian Standards.

ISO/IEC Standard — ENISA

Vulnerabilities may remain unless the asset itself changes such that the vulnerability no longer applies. The standard can be implemented in any sector confronted by technology security management. Organizational 133335-1 is responsible for securing assets.

Figure 1 presents a model that shows how assets are potentially subject to a number of threats.

ISO/IEC Standard 13335

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