Dharmasri on the Sixteen Degrees of Comprehension by Leon Hurvitz. 7. Indrabhuti’s ‘Confession of Errors in the Fundamental. Teachings of the Vajrayana’. In this book (previously published under the title Living Buddhist Masters), Jack Kornfield presents the heart of Buddhist practice as taught by twelve highly. This reprint of Living Buddhist Masters is one of the most valuable books in print on Theravada Buddhist practice, bringing to the reader the.

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Generally, this means alternating sitting and walking; one does not sit for twenty hours straight. Right here, right now.

Seeing clearly the suffering in one’s own life brings great caring to ease the suffering of others. In that case, it is wise to visit several teachers, several centers, in this country or in Asia, to determine which environment, which kind of discipline, which sort of practice feel the best for you.

Living Dharma: Teachings of Twelve Buddhist Masters by Jack Kornfield

Is it necessary to sit for very long stretches? A most beneficial book for meditators.

In making these teachings available, I have tried to secure blessings and assistance from the masters represented. References to this book The Embodied Mind: Virtuous action is enormously powerful. Don’t watch how others practice.

Living Buddhist Masters

I used to watch him and get very upset. Wherever you are, know yourself by being natural and watching. It is freedom from all suffering. It is not proper to watch other people.


This is the natural state of the mind.

If you are annoyed, watch the annoyance in your own mind. Refresh and try again. Outer customs and language may appear different, but the human mind has natural char- acteristics that are the same for all people.

Hui Neng’s wisdom is very keen. If you want to really see for yourself what the Buddha was talking about you don’t need to bother with books. We see then that meditation involves only a small part of the society and the religion. In the course of allowing these words to pour through you, perhaps a practice here, a turn of phrase there, a jungle scene or a bit of clearly enunciated wisdom will attract you, will attach itself to you, will be something to which you will cling.

But here we use the form to make our practice simple. Yes, it is true, a teacher should set an example for his disciples.

They are not to be used just in isolation. At times, our desires, boredom, and day-to-day pain make it hard to continue practice.

Living Dharma: Teachings of Twelve Buddhist Masters

These include not killing, not lying, not stealing, abstaining from sex while a member of the communityabstaining from drugs and alcohol intoxicants. Each teacher emphasizes a specific aspect of the transmission of the Buddha, yet each is representative of the essence of the lineage.


His contribution has merely been to supply an jakc on the Theravadan Buddhist meditation tradition and then brief bios of the individual teachers. Then the monks go out on alms rounds with a bowl, mastrrs food the lay people have prepared to offer them. Concentrate on the feeling of loving kindness as a meditation subject.

Feeling the freedom of libera- tion grow as the empty nature of the world jacm revealed, one naturally shares this lightness and love with all other beings. The mind becomes silent and the heart opens. Maaters is seen as the attempt of fearful Victorian society to control and limit our natural freedom and expression. Rather the attention becomes an awareness of the process of seeing, the fact of seeing, rather than the facts associated with seeing.

Nov 08, Phillip Moffitt rated it it was amazing Shelves: I only hope that this may help lead readers to their own inner Dhamma. This grove was uninhabited, known as a place of cobras, tigers, and ghosts and, as he said, the perfect location for a forest monk.

People even thought he was mad.