The Will to Change by bell hooks Remaking Manhood by Mark Greene Angry White Men by Michael S. Kimmel The Macho Paradox by Jackson Katz Getting Off. by Jackson Katz. “Men need to read this book. Not only because it will make the world safer for women, but because it will free men to be their true selves. “. Jackson Katz asks a very important question that gets at the root of why sexual He is the author of The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt.

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Being the first feminist book I’ve ever read, I can’t really say how well it stacks up to other works covering the same topics.

It pains me to say how radical it is to read a book that was written by machp man that respects all people so much. It provides a jacison perspective. Even after a string of school shootings by mostly white boys over the past decade, few Americans seem willing to face the fact that interpersonal violence—whether the victims are female or male—is a deeply gendered phenomenon.

What steps do you take on a daily basis to prevent yourselves from being sexually assaulted? I regret ever reading this and I hope that I will never have to take another book like this into my hands. Make assertive eye contact with men on the street.

Apr 12, Tara rated it it was amazing. To make this about women they know and love. Having finished this book in FebruaryI can state that in the twelve years since this book was first published, it remains as relevant, important, and necessary as the day it debuted.


Underline in pencil, not in hi-lighter; every page has a nugget you’ll want to remember and if you start out with highlighter your book will end up a huge wad of yellow mess by the time you’re done. Books by Jackson Katz. Katz was a proud member of the “jockocracy” that ran his school.

The Macho Paradox | Jackson Katz

As I read his book, I would often take breaks to watch clips of him online, giving interviews or presentations or speaking in documentaries. Now take a step further. Lock all the windows when I sleep, even on hot summer nights. Gender violence – rape, battering, sexual abuse, sexual harassment – dramatically impacts millions of individuals and families in contemporary American society.

As the men sit in stunned silence, the women recount safety precautions they take as part of their daily routine. Katz knows how to cut to the core of the issues, demonstrating undeniably that matz the degradation of women should be every man’s priority. Go out in groups. I knew that violence against women was a serious problem, but learning about the frequency of violent acts was just shocking.

Two boys opened fire on a schoolyard full of girls, killing four and one female teacher.

The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help

I would give this book zero stars if I could but my only consolation will have to be that at least the author didn’t get money from me on account of it belonging to my local library. This book doesn’t say all men are violent, it says most violence paradlx committed by men.

As a leading anti-sexist teacher, trainer, and leader, Katz speaks a lot of truth to power and places the problem in a digestible context by those willing to see pass the binary barriers to an earnest and necessary dialogue of how women and men can interrelate and how men can rise to the kaatz without suffering the feared loss of masculinity or having “gone to jafkson other side. You’re the very starting point of humanity.


The Macho Paradox Quotes

The gender jacksom aspect of the Jonesboro tragedy was discussed in feminist publications and on the Internet, but was largely absent from mainstream media conversation. Reading this book will bridge, or at least shorten, this gap of understanding, and just by understanding what he is saying will do us a lot of good.

The biggest problem I have with Katz’s mostly excellent book is his soft position on religion. Obviously both sexes are victimized. Holy fuck is jcakson egregious! Don’t take a first-floor apartment. This book and bell hooks’ writings should be Great resource, I think every male-identified men should read this book.

Jackson Katz’s approach is simple and profound. Meet men on first dates in public places.

It does not involve some incomprehensible, mysterious force. Don’t get on elevators with only one man or with a group of men. Because as we all know, not all men are rapists and abusive, but the katzz of the few is ONLY possible through the complacency of the many.