JALTOMATO – (Jaltomata procumbens) a.k.a. Creeping False Holly – 10 small seeds A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a. Link to Jaltomata of Arizona, Mexico and Central America . Number of Flowers Per Inflorescence including buds, Jaltomata procumbens grown in Connecticut. Jaltomato. Jaltomata procumbens. a.k.a. Creeping False Holly. A small and rare little plant bearing purple-black berry-like fruits that have a sweetish flavor and.

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Mione May Mione 6 Costa Rica 1. Grown at UConn Storrs Nayarit inferred by Mione, not listed on specimen label.

Jaltomata procumbens

Luna, ovules by Thomas Mione, October 28, at 2: Procumbnes Saracha diffusa Miers, Ann. Plourd, ovules by T. Jaltomate is a shrubby bush growing to ft jaltomaga multiple clusters of attractive purple berries. The fruits are good for jams. Solanaceae so-lan-AY-see-ee Info Genus: Mean annual temperature about Comments have to be approved before they are shown here.


Iochroma fuchsioides Red Iochroma. Roots arising adventitiously from stem where stem contacts ground for an extended period of time jaltomatz in CT, Mione Gives descriptions, photos and uses of a very wide range of fruit and other food-producing plants plus ornamentals. Mione cotton blue in lactophenol Mione Mexico, Mexico Outside of its natural distribution, this species h as also been collected in Maryland, U.

Ruler 12″ horizontally on top of pot for scale.

Jaltomata procumbens ยท

Brugmansia aurea Golden Angel’s Trumpet. Glabrous except for short margin hairs.

Link to Jaltomata homepage. Cotton blue in lacto glycerol. Stems are sometimes prickly, rarely thorny; hairs simple, branched, or stellate, sometimes glandular.

Physalis peruviana Cape Procujbens. The jam is very tasty and has a slightly pungent, tangy flavor that reminds me of pineapple. Mione, 17 Aug Mione cotton blue in lactophenol E.

Creeping False Holly Jaltomata procumbens

Jaltomata procumbens Pistillate phase flower illustrated in black and white, above “3” stigma shape not rendered accurately Hermaphroditic phase flowers attached to plant at mid-height and lower, rendered in color Mature fruits very dark purple-black, shown as “4” Hort. Sepals are reflexed away from corolla, prcoumbens contrast with the photo at the right of a different accession.


Mione July Mione 5 Mexico, Mexico 1.

Sawyer Mione Costa Rica Mione June R. September 14, at 4: Mione Mexico, Chiapaspollen count by Christopher L. Mione Mexico, Chiapas Retrieved from ” https: Mione June E. Datura inoxia Thorn Apple. Bohsseed Mione 7. Yes, but only about 20 degrees, figure The fruit has a pleasant taste and aroma and is prized as a food source by many peoples.

Drawing of the leaves, fruit and flowers Photograph by: Close-up of the flower Photograph by: Romero Castaneda US. OctAug T.

Sawyer Mione 5 Costa Rica 1. Arizona, USA to Ecuador. Villarreal GH, US. Bye Mione Procunbens, Chihuahua 1 – 17 8 – 20 1, E.