Last edited 01/11/ – Jaycar & Altronics catalogues delivered to your post box for free. Order Jaycar catalogue here.(). Catalogue Key New Product This is a brand new product for the Jaycar Catalogue. Product “Plus” ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ICON – look for these icons. FLYERS & CATALOGUE Jaycar issues two monthly flyers full of specials, deals .. Jaycar Electronics ii PROJECTS & LEARNING LETS BUILD ARDUINO.

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Wish I could shout you a beer or soft drink or something.

The Jaycar website lives in my top 3 for worst designed, hardest to search. I hear that the iPhone 6s will be able to drink long jayvar.

Order Altronics catalogue here. Altronics came to the party, However jaycar Zip, I do not think they are in a chrissy mood, Receiving junk emails from them now. They would give them out if you made a big purchase though.

Flipping through a catalogue will show you things you don’t even haycar to look for in an online search. No Cookie Support Detected http: Anyone getting redirected to this page too?


Jaycar 2014 Catalogue NZ

Is it just pricing, stock, etc? This is a paid catalogue that you can get for free…. Much better than a paper catalogue.

I find them useful still That’s quite open-minded for a greenie. As a bonus you can also register for Jaycar’s rewards card too. I have not ordered RS Components. Same was when Dick Smith had catalogues, could always get it free in store even if it had a price on the cover.

Thanks, I used to buy these at the stores every year. Jaycar publishes its catalogue around April. I’m a regular Jaycar customer, how is Altronics different? I totally agree with you! Didn’t know I could get one sent to me for free. Should you get a “No Cookie Support” error, please visit the main catalogue pagescroll to the bottom, and click “Order Printed Copy” on the lower right.

Jaycar Catalogue NZ : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The New RS Catalogue”? Cagalogue, its seriously badly designed. I find them useful still. I have received both Jaycar and Altronics catalogues. You can’t use a tablet while sitting on the loo? From OP’s Altronics link Error occured. Has anyone received the catalogue yet? So who knows if you will be getting a catalogue in 2 weeks, or a catalogue in 5 0214.


No, they just gave you one and didn’t charge you. You can’t search online for something if you don’t know it even exists.

Jaycar has a pretty good stash of bits and pieces, but nothing compared to the retail electronics parts warehouses overseas. Can you recommend some overseas sites? I even bought last years copy. This was posted 4 years 2 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

Nope, my Jaycar didn’t give them out for free if you just walked in. Read that catalogue and ended up buying even more: It’s got a real price in the POS. Still waiting for Jaycar catalogue. Local store suggested I sign up again. Order Jaycar catalogue here. Thanks, always wanted one of these but could never justify when I can look it up online for free. Now that I know those parts exist and know they’re not available in Oz I can order them online from overseas.