Once again Jean M. Auel opens the door of a time long past to reveal an age of wonder and Ayla ventures into the land of the Mamutoi–the Mammoth Hunters. This article is a stub. You can help Earth’s Children by expanding it. The Mammoth Hunters is an historical fiction novel by Jean M. Auel released in Buy (ebook) The Mammoth Hunters from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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| The Mammoth Hunters, Jean M. Auel | | Boeken

The Mammoth Hunters is an historical fiction novel by Jean M. You know what’s even worse? But when an author resorts to having her characters act like lobotomized chimpanzees in order to drive a plot that should have been wrapped up in no more than a chapter and probably more like a paragraph Either freakin’ say “I love you” or move on!!! However, this book felt like one of those ‘place-holder’ books in a series, you know? Auel, waaronder het nieuwste boek van Jean M.

I instantly read the sequel, “The Valley of Horses”, but found myself a bit dubious, as there were a couple of issues this time around with the characterisations and it dragged in places.

She is completely unrealistic in her talents, skills, achievements, and attractiveness. May 24, Spider the Doof Warrior rated it did not like it Shelves: Aside from the love story being obnoxious, you half expect that Jondolar has reverted back to a This has been my least favorite out of the Earths Children series, although I find it hard to dislike any of the books.

He’s constantly thinking about the contrast of their skins, and how well they look together, but he doesn’t give a shit about her further than getting her to orgasm to, in his own words, be as perfect as she is.

It would have been. As of her books have sold more than 45 million copies worldwide, in many translations. What will we do with her? They stop having really bad sex and talking about the origin of babies, which was a great disappointment to me, as I enjoyed counting the times in the last book that that topic appeared.


So with that said, and the story finally moving forward in its proper direction, I will proceed on to the next and even longer book mammkth the series. I can”t let anyone hurt Whinney! She is also joined by her love, Jondalar.

And considering the sheer length of the book… the resolution was far too long in coming. I really liked the first two books. The word “pleasure” is written with a capital Bunters, and not only is the language used completely fatuous, and their activities are insipidly and repetitively formulaic.

I wouldn’t be surprised th she invents the wheel and achieves world peace in the next book! The Plains of Passage. Pedantic description — turn page. Map from Don’s Maps.

These are interesting looks into ths as the earliest metrosexuals. The history buff in me HAD to give it those 3 stars because of the intricate details and learning involved in Auel’s story of Ayla- a homo sapiens girl raised by ‘flatheads’ Neanderthals during the Ice Age.

I know they will. Telling how wolves would be selected for pets because they had different features to the norm.

The Mammoth Hunters

The protagonists make their home with the Lion Camp of the Mammoth Hunters, which features a number of respected Mamutoi. I wanted to shake Ayla and Jondalar and the author for going on and on and on and on about their unrequited love. This pisses off the next in line to be leader of the Clan, Broud I think. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I could not handle any more of that.

I swear she just copied and pasted some parts from the last book into this one without changing a word. The author repeats herself over and over again; she treats the reader like they’re stupid and cannot remember a thing. The description of the Lion Camp’s longhouse, constructed out of mammoth bones, was truly atmospheric – the darkness inside, the flickering hearths giving off smoky smells, the gathered people murmuring in hushed tones and turning to look at Ayla.

Several people smiled, or chuckled, and Jondalar realized they must all have been thinking about riding a horse. She finds women friends and painful memories of the Clan she left behind, and meets Ranec, the dark-skinned, magnetic master carver of ivory, whom she cannot refuse—inciting Jondalar to a fierce jealousy that he tries to control by avoiding her.


He is a special friend of Mamut, who never treated him as any different from the other children “except to show special consideration for his weakness”. She also does not know that when a man asks her to “share Pleasures” with him, she has the option of refusing, since Clan women did not. Re-reading it now, I hhunters there really was more th it than that and Auel masterfully handles this tension in a realistic way.

The love story in this one starts out strong, and by the time you get half way through, you are th sick of the misunderstandings and hunyers feelings that you feel no one could be that stupid about love.

Someone please tell the author a cold is caused by a virus and they need to catch the virus from another person who has it or carries it. I’m sorry, but if you can invent jeann sex positions you should be able to tell your partner mxmmoth you feel!

Firstly, Auel opens up her world and introduces us to the Mamutoi and their ways; describing different cultures, digging into the akel and revealing it to the audience is Auel’s strong suit, and it’s nice to have her back in her element.

It boggles the mind how much research and simple creative story-telling the author has pulled together to make this epic story come to life.

I loved the World War series because of his aliens – the people were made of cardboard. Ruth Galm Into The Valley 20, It is also in this boo This novel is book three in the incredible Earth’s Children Series.

Leavitt rated it really liked it Shelves: Not unpleasant, but unusual. InThe Plains of Passage was published, and inher fifth novel, The Shelters of Stone, debuted at 1 on bestseller lists in 16 countries. We get it already.