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Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 12, Autistic disturbances of affective contact.

Malý tyran by Jiřina Prekopová

Jean Mercer, thank you very much for your work. Sanity, madness, and the family.

Child injuries and deaths have been associated with HT. Thank you for this contribution.

Attachment behavior out of doors. Festhaltetherapie nach Prekop—Wirksame Hilfe oder pseudowissenschaftlich verbraemte Kindesmisshandlung? Journalof Social Psychology, 10, The connection to HT, in which the parent restrains the child until the child submits, is evident.

View my complete profile. Ethologists have generally used extensive observational study to determine common species-specific behaviors called fixed action patterns Eibl-Eibesfeldt, Reich appears to be the major initial source for beliefs about the therapeutic effects of pgekopova physical treatment in the periodand thus is important to the background of HT.

In my opinion, the methods recommended by Nancy Thomas are more dangerous than holding therapy itself. Hellinger has a method he calls systemic family therapy.

An animal or person that was simultaneously frightened and attracted by something might respond with displacement behavior, in which a fixed action pattern that normally occurred in a different setting was enacted. Where genuine imprinting does occur, it is almost by definition extremely difficult to alter, as is seen in hand-reared captive birds who even if persuaded to mate may push their conspecific mates away if they see the human on whom they were accidentally imprinted.


Evaluating Unconventional Mental Health Treatments. Lucie rated it really liked it Feb 07, Eva added it Jan 12, What, then, are the sources of this treatment and the associated belief system?

For example, the role of the parent as an authority is essential to HT, and for some Christian groups of Calvinistic tendencies the parent is not only an authority, but the parent-child relationship is the model for the God-adult relationship.

Malý tyran

The others, who made outstanding contributions to the study prekopoga neurology and behavior, were nevertheless not specifically relevant to treatment of autism kirina other behavior problems. The rise and fall of Synanon: Behavior change as reported by caregivers of children receiving holding therapy. Reich believed that his treatment was responsible for the reduction of the Moro reflex in his infant son this reflex normally disappears gradually in the first months of life and presumably did so in this case as well.

Praxis Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie, 37, Early social deprivation and later behavior in the monkey. And now one prominent oranization involved in adoption has trabslated her book “When the love is not enough” and is providing it in Internet without charge, i. Tinbergen and Tinbergen provided many examples of fixed action patterns and of imprinting in birds such as herring gulls, and referenced human fixed action patterns as discussed by Eibel-Eibesfeldt and others.

Both treatments and posited causes of autism will be considered. Linus Pauling and vitamin C. Wimmer, Vonk, and Bordnick carried out a similar study, but combined HT with so many other treatments that cause and effect were impossible to determine. The other form is more severe, involves physical dysmorphisms, features lower intelligence quotients, can include either microcephaly or extreme macrocephaly, has a sex ratio of boys to 1 girl, is related to paternal age, rarely involves regression, involves both new and inherited mutations, prekopovx can probably not benefit from attempts at prevention or treatment.


Despite the approval of the Nobel Prize-winner Nikolaas Tinbergen for HT, and despite the many analogies that can be drawn between animal behavior and human behavior, HT does not appear jirjna be based on a systematic scientific foundation.

Her CV can be seen at http: Journal of Special Education, 3 1 If you want to jigina them, try searching Jirina Prekopova youtube, because there were a number that could be seen yesterday.

CHILDMYTHS: Holding Therapy as an International Problem

Refresh and try again. Most of the cited publications are ethological in nature. Prekopova states that her approach has scientific support and that this is evidenced by the approval and encouragement of the co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Nikolaas Tinbergen. However, as Prekopova and other HT practitioners act as coaches for parents rather than having hands-on contact with children, it becomes difficult to see exactly how their activities can be regulated, except possibly in terms of deceptive advertising.

San Jose State University Press.