The ShenHe Wang permanent magnet motor-generator The Motionless Generator of Theodore Annis A Practical Guide to ‘. The Karl Schappeller Device – Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices. free. Views. 6 years ago. Karl, · Schappeller, · Device, · Practical. Schappeller made no secret of his invention and actively sought private financing that Karl Schappeller actually met with SS Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler in.

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This attraction can lead to interaction. In a book titled The Physics of the Primary State of Matterpublished in the s, Karl Schappeller described his Prime Mover, a inch steel sphere with quarter-inch copper tubing coils.

He derives this on the principle that water is to air as C in the Primary Technique thus signifies not current as such, but its static potential, viz.


Would we discover that constructive force, which makes things alive and grow, develop adequate building kar of methods investigation, eventually use this force for another type of technic, applied to drive machines, schappelleer because of the inner nature of this force or energy we might be able to create another technology, social structure, constructive thinking of man rather than destructive thinking. No direct conversion of this energy to electricity is described, but the rotor could be attached to a generator Schappellsr this action, followed by the reverse, this “energy-breathing” or transpiration occasioned by mobility as we saw in the case of the sun does not happen simply because it does.

It is the conscious sense energy in the Ether which causes cosmic bodies to form and gives each of them their characteristic destiny to schsppeller. Make the information on this image better by adding what you know. Without an aether theory as an explanation, they do violate laws of conservation of energy and so their detractors are able to simply schappellre them out of hand. It is known that political and scientific structure was set up to work on the energy problem as evidenced later by the synthesizing of gasoline and oil products from coal by the 3rd Reich.


The template used as a pattern for this seemingly intelligent, creative, process is simply a seed.

O1.1071 Ri Karl Schappeller › Page 74 –

So whilst Tesla regarded the earth merely as a conductor, Schappeller discovered that it was the obvious source and storehouse of all available energy, in addition to being a conductor.

It is therefore clear that the first technical problem we have to solve is: This is a Reverse Thermodynamic machine. This is the case in all the effects cited above; but the components, and thus the products, differ in each case. This is no surprise for most of us and it is not the real concern here.

This can easily be appreciated as to electromagnetic radiation but it is also true of that very elusive thing called gravity. Per Vril-Mythos is a complete discussion of Schappeller, his device, the history and the controversy surrounding it. Neither has the housewife anything to do with the “boiling of water”; she merely places the kettle on the fire, then Nature crosses the stressfields, i.

We mentioned in one of the earlier chapters that this might bear some relationship to Electrochemical Equivalents. But the periphery of the core contacts with the special inner lining — a suitable ceramic — of the Stator Sphere, and this peripheral or surface energy will be converted into heat, but on a relatively very moderate scale.

Can it be demonstrated?

This means that it has no “hold” on any elastic medium such as the aether or the air,therefore it must fall, and it falls towards the greater inductive energy. If the reader pulled the lever towards him the N pole would finally point exactly to his eyes. We will now assume that the correct composition of sublimate has been prepared; it is then forced into the two cols of tubing that is, the tubing which is to constitute the N and S poles, or two halves of the Sphere or Stator until the tubes are completely filled throughout.

We can have different qualities of coal gas, because it is merely a mechanical mixture suitable adjusted for various purposes — light or heat; but there is no such thing as different qualities of steam — saturated and superheated steam are different conditions, not different qualities, schappepler both owe schappeler origin to water.


Likewise, aether serves to transmit energy through this “non- compressibility” quality. Taeufer, Johannes,page From one standpoint the Stator may be regarded as a body in Space. My first explanation for this output of radiant energy involves the concept of the Bloch Wall.

There is no air in the Stator. These coils are composed of a hollow copper tube filled with a special and secret substance called the “electret”.

Karl Schappeller – Free-Energy Devices

One of these political and scientific structures was contained within the SS and it is known that Karl Schappeller actually met with SS Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler in Vienna in 3. Field internal Secondary or Electromagnet Poles outward.

This is the reason that no substance of any form could fulfill these conditions, which means that our magnet must therefore be throughout of kalr the two poles and the neutral must be centralized, united, in the form of the basic sign of all life force, the “trinity in unity”.

Before describing the device itself it should be understood that Schappeller and all writing about his device do so believing that the energy-source being tapped is aether energy, sometimes called “Raumkraft” or “Raumenergie”, that is space energy 4 5 6.

Schappeller believed this creative process to be individualistic, so we need a specific template to use as a pattern for this creation. The electric kar, would gather electric energy, feeding the four schsppeller broadcasting fixtures on the walls of the saucer. The common toilet is such a machine although the centrifugal side forms inside the drain pipe which is out of sight.

We measure matter which is cold. Referring now to the Force Diagramthe dot and dash line XX represents the center line in a horizontal plane of the Sphere of the Stator through the journals and trunnion.