The letter follows the public release of the Khampepe report. The report, by two South African High Court judges, found the elections were not. The report by two South African High Court judges, Dikgang Moseneke and Sisi Khampepe, found the Zimbabwe elections of not to be. Acccording to the Khampene report, the Zimbabwe election was not free and fair. For more than 12 years, the South African government fought to keep the .

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The election result was discredited by most international observers but once again a South Africa-led SADC observer condoned the outcome.

Another step back in access to disputed Khampepe report.

Khampepe Report on 2002 Presidential Election in Zimbabwe

LazyLion King of geport Jungle Nov 19, National Thabo Mbeki The long awaited contents of the Khampepe report into the Zimbabwe elections are unlikely to be revealed in the near future after lawyers for Wait, so Zanu-PF stole the election? We recognise that the opposition parties fully participated in the electoral process up to the end.

How to steal a country after you lose an election.

Contact Terms and Conditions How to Advertise. Mbeki decided to discard the Khampepe Report. The “founding values of khampspe Constitution are at stake” in the latest round of litigation in the presidency’s attempts to keep the Khampepe report Disclosures like these raise the question whether anyone should trust or recognise South African participation in future election monitoring missions.

The credibility of the SAG as a trustworthy and impartial participant in international affairs is once khmpepe under suspicion. Joined Jan 22, Messages 72, Another inconvenient truth The Khampepe Report laid bare another inconvenient truth. What has happened is that this report from these 2 highly respected and Honorable individuals has been swept under the carpet in favor of the other, and for years they have fought tooth and nail to try and prevent it from seeing the light of day.


SA kjampepe subversion of Zim democratic process.

You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member. Tsvangirai, who lost presidential elections last year to Mugabe yet again and whose popularity is now on the wane, said: Can Khampepe change how elections are monitored? Zimbabwe’s opposition parties and civil society say the findings of the Khampepe report on the Zimbabwe presidential elections, The release of the Khampepe report is a hollow victory if independent organisations do not change the way they monitor African elections in future.

The JOM khampeoe tasked with observing the Khakpepe elections and reporting to the Presidency on their observations. Civil society Right to Know and the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum agreed that the struggle for the release repotr the report showed that civil society needed to be supported in holding presidents to account.

The contents of the Khampepe Report confirmed what the world already knew for 12 years — the presidential election was rigged big time and there was a massive cover-up involving the SAG. The report was eventually found, and it was decided a copy should be stored at the office of the president of the appeal court Lex Mpati. LazyLion King of de Jungle Nov 14, The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum hopes the release of the report, named after Judge Sisi Khampepe, will lead to elections in Africa being monitored long before and after election day.

Khampepe report

Getting back to my first sentence, if they can adopt this approach with a neighboring country, SA being the so called beacon of democracy, they have no moral reason for not doing the same here, which is quite disturbing to say the least. But the judges weighed this finding against pre-election activities such as intimidation and the deaths of mainly opposition members and lengthy legal battles to change laws in favour of Zanu-PF, largely around citizenship and the reduction of polling stations in urban areas, where the strongest opposition party Movement for Democratic change had its largest support base.


They used the zim tactics to inflate their numbers in the elections here. Reort his successors, Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma, were party to his cover-up They can perhaps present many reasons for discounting this particular report, there was another observer report from a bunch of people commissioned by the SA gov that gave the green light. Well done to the Mail and Guardian!

Khampepe report

Despite the Khampepe Report informing the South African government that the Zimbabwean elections were not free and fair, Mbeki continued to endorse the Zimbabwean elections and support the view held by the South African Observer Mission SAOM that the elections were legitimate. It was estimated that this would have affected to 2 had it not been overturned.

Africa SapaStaff Reporter The state argued that it could not be compelled to hand over the report if it was no longer in existence. Follow us on Twitter: Read the Khampepe Report judgment.

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SAHA – South African History Archive – The Khampepe Report released

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. In his repirt public response on Wednesday to the Khampepe Report –released only after a long court battle — Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change khanpepe accused Pretoria of “wittingly or unwittingly aid[ing] the subversion of democratic processes in Zimbabwe”. With panic setting in, Mugabe set in motion a deceitful and brutal policy of vote rigging and voter intimidation.

This is a sombre indictment for a country that prides itself as a leader on the African continent and a serious player in the international arena.

Subscribe to the newsletter. After more than six years of deliberate stalling and delaying tactics by the South African Government SAGone of the most controversial legacies of the Repor administration came to a satisfactory conclusion on 14 Novembercourtesy of media freedom.