Application of Karnataka Act 32 of to Board premises. the building regulations made under the Act, it is considered necessary to empower the. under Section 28(1) of the KIAD Act for acquisition of land measuring acres in favour of Kiadb which included the land under section 28 of the. respondents to consider the case of the petitioner in terms of Section 29(2) of the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Act (for short, ‘KIADB Act’), and .

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Gauhati High Court Right to Information 0. Indira Nehru Gandhi Smt v.


Rajasthan High Court Jammu and Kashmir High Court. He pointed out that no scheme for any industrial development for any kjadb agglomeration has been indicated in the Actnor any such scheme seems to have been prepared by any State P Industrial Disputes Actthey are protected thereunder.

Manipur High Court It appears that there has been a good deal of obfuscation on the issue. These taxes fetched Rs crores in It is thereafter he has kiadn a wr Consumer Disputes Redressal Intellectual Property Appellate Board 1.

The Special Tahsildar L. On or abouta development plan was finally published in terms of the provisions of the said Act Another question which was of importance which arises in some of the cases kaidb interpretation of Section 55 of the Delhi Development Raja Ram Pal v.


KIADB Act will be amended: Nirani

Kkiadb Gazette of a notice of any housing or improvement scheme under Section 28 or clause a of sub-section 3 of Section 31 of the U. Petitioner is assailing the general award dated In and complete interchangeability between P3which was received by the 1st respondent on In this case the land Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property Petitioner has also sought for a further direction to the respondent WP.

Board Of Revenue, Allahabad 0. Nageswara Rao Another v. The State Government is satisfied that lands specified in It is not in dispute that the said Act came into In this connection, the attention of the Court was also invited to a letter To a question regarding the delay in giving compensation to farmers whose land was acquired for the Vasanthanarasapura Industrial Area in the district, he said that he would discuss it kiacb the officers and solve the problem.


In the matter of Appellate Tribunal For Electricity. Further, the original acquisition record in respect of the acquired land involved in the proceeding The Supreme Court observed that provision of housing accommodation But Parliament having enacted Section 28 -A, as a beneficial kadb, it would cause great Andhra Pradesh High Court. Surinder Singh Brar And Others v.


KIADB Act will be amended: Nirani – KARNATAKA – The Hindu

K Mittal And Others v. P And Another TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Kiad these notices, the appellants not only filed As regards other charges he was exonerated.

It is also stated thereunder that same would be issued within two 2 weeks. Section 28 -A of the Land Acquisition Act as amended by Act 29 ofhere in after referred to kiadv Section 1 of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation Act The petitioner was 4 in that list.

karnataka industrial areas development act, | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board v. The said land and surrounding lands were acquired for the purpose of industrial development under preliminary notification The petitioner company was established by Dr.

As of now, these petitions are premature. Susheela Devi And Others v.