When you look at all of the current armies, they are not using kroot in any of .. My army lists have kroot, I’ve always won using them and lost. So back in the day, there was a Kroot mercenary Army you could play. . a Kroot army like the Kroot Merc army lists of old, you’ll want/need to. KROOT MERCENARIES. The Kroot are expert jungle-fighters and trackers, and they are to be found serving as mercenaries across the Ultima. Segmentum and.

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Oaka I’m quite excited about the new Eldar codex, and how it will affect my Kroot army. Overread Longtime Dakkanaut UK.

ATM they are really lisr. Something along these lines. Oaka I put down the green stuff and glue for a week and painted up the first spined hound that was available as a limited release from Zealot Miniatures.

It has been a very long process from my first concept to this point, but it’s a great centerpiece to the kropt. Should I just bling up a similar pose with a larger gun or go for krlot pointing hand? Add thigh quills that are present on Kroot models planning on five quills per thigh with toothpick tips 4. Igandris – click to view full reply. Ynneadwraith Very nice it might jsut be the angle, but I didn’t immediately thing ‘Space Wolf’ when I saw the claw.


Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

I run the army in 8th edition as a footslogging Aeldari force. Oaka lunarman, the crossbows are bits from the Lizardmen range. Likedeeler – click to view full reply. I like your Kroots, especially all the modifications. Think lots of plasticard armor plates and netting with Kroot holding on as the skiff races into battle. Not like them to come up with a ‘buy as little stuff as possible’ paint scheme. I still have a few infantry models to finish to flesh out an 8th edition army but might get working on the skiff after that.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Does exist, in a form. I played an point game this past week against Eldar and held my own, even winning all the small battles between units from each side. Another way would be to simply slide the landraider sideways like a big slowed hovercraft full of eels.

One of the great things about Kroot hands is they are symmetrical with no thumb so the bow arm will work as either a left or a right hand for some variety if I were to make a unit of archers.

Having the Kroot and Vespid wouldn’t eliminate battle suits being implemented in the game. They utilize supports from a variety of races and that’s a pretty sizable part of what makes them interesting.

Kroot Army – Forum – DakkaDakka

This message was edited 1 time. This model goes against the grain in respects to a lot of Kroot characteristics. That sort of game mechanic doesn’t really exist in gladius so there armj really no need for them. Yeah, really good conversions – otherwise you could consider converting a Kroot into an Ethereal: The next couple of weeks should see some new models finished.


The color choices i dont love kist the kroot themselves look great too. Plus, I always thought the dark eldar were kinda a lame army lol I mean what’s next? I also painted up the first counts-as Dark Reaper.

Even the Krootbird has recessed eyes. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. Finally, a crude drawing of my plan.

Ynnari Kroot Mercenaries (Female Kroot August 29) – Forum – DakkaDakka

I think I’ll start working on the head next, along with assembling the howdah and weapon crew and painting them separately. I am realy impressed. The beak is more avian, it’s missing its forearms, and it has only three digits per claw. This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k. I began to work on the riders next.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The GW hounds look malnourished in comparison. Only two weeks to finish this model to an acceptable standard, so that will probably have to wait until December.