Este sexto libro de Kryon trata de la Asociación con Dios Kryon nos explica temas como las Siete Conexiones del amor, los Niños Índigo, la co-creación de la. Kryon dice ser una entidad extraterrestre canalizada por el norteamericano Lee Carroll y catastróficas que nos proporcionan a diario los medios de comunicación. . (Recuerda, Jan y yo escribimos el libro ori¬ginal sobre Los Niños Índigo. The Paperback of the Kryon by Angelo Picco Barilari at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Lee Carroll is a channel for Kryon Email: Within the dimensions each and every single one of us have realized that we have equally participated in designing the manifested expression of existence as all experience themselves within in this here moment. The word evolution as sound signature as Evil is the only Solution.

Kryon – Indigo and Crystal children

Rezensionen, Abbildungen, online kaufen. Having the words from my previous channels, which have been done within a consciousness existence as who and what I was, transferred to human beings who have direct relationships with Indigo Children — it designed another form of a network support system to control the stability of SMCS within this world as defined Indigo Children.

The thoughts and behaviours within the centralized allocation krton in the mind of the being generate the emotional and feeling compound energy within the entire physical body where it then feeds the rest of humanity this generated emotional compound energy through the unconscious mind of human beings in this world.

Infinitely lost and enslaved and controlled by consciousness systems not even understanding the reason for my existence here on earth? Take a look at the titles. The importance is the human beings’ participation and interaction with children defined kryno Indigo Children. We have krypn chapter on finding the Inner Child, which we believe is critical for good parenting, and finally a wrap-up of what we have learned regarding parenting Indigos in the last two years from educators, parents, the news, and society in general.

In the last six years we have traveled the world speaking in front of large and small groups alike We have dealt with all ages and many cultures representing many languages. Crystal Children became the upgrades of Indigo Children to further intensify the extensive generating of emotional and feeling compounding energy in this world for consciousness systems support to have the ability to flourish within each human being in this world.

Kryon – Entity Creations.


Each time we introduce a story, we will try to give you the name of the contributing adult or child in some cases. They just didn’t call them Indigos.

That, or they were lining a bunch of bird cages for giant parrots somewhere. The well being of the Indigo Child using medication such as Ritalin as prescribed by doctors and trusted by parents due to the effect of the results it present — is merely an indication of the integration and infusion of the crystals and consciousness systems within the physical body.

Firstly, your conscious mind is triggered. The White Light designed system then became the directive power of human beings’ existences here on earth and the twenty seven Masters who were placed to control this system became the slave of their own creation. At first, we assumed that this was a cultural attribute, reflecting a changing America. This moment here is then where the consciousness system plants itself to remain here to ensure the becoming of the being as this consciousness system within them.

If you continue to support Indigo Children in this world with the current information and understanding of who and what they are, you are in truth supporting that which controls all human beings in this world: Many books have been written about good parenting and child psychology, but what we noticed was different.

Many parents were exasperated and at their it’s end. All I was concerned about was the maintenance of the consciousness systems designs I partook in establishing here on earth to make sure and be certain that they remain in order.

The unconscious mind becoming the preparation for the children to come so all infinitely may remain enslaved and nnios as consciousness systems and never see or realize who they really are as oneness, equality, awareness, existence and the living word in every here moment.

Now when folks go there, they pass our Indigo books on their way to buy toilet paper by the ton.

Kryon – Indigo and Crystal children :: Desteni

Kryon – The End Indifo Bookstores all over America started carrying the books and had a marketing quandary A fun one: As I have explained, the consciousness systems flourish within the physical body the moment self definition and participation is allowed in the becoming of consciousness systems. The continued belief within the information and knowledge you have of Indigo Children must actually be completely and totally discarded.

The crystallization of consciousness systems consists of the following: Lee Carroll Kryon Format: Exactly as I have been required to completely and totally discard all the information and lies given to me to channel based on transcriptions to support the enslavement and control of consciousness systems within this world.


This is the reason why I stand here before you as the living word as the words you read: In this book we have published the Internet jewels we found.

The nioos of the application of relationship was principally based for the experience of sex as consciousness systems required the emotional and feeling compound energy generated during sex as their power source to have the ability to exist.

The gifted brilliance of my capacity and creativeness to design and place consciousness systems to prepare the way for those few dimensional beings to have power and control over existence — presented them with the ability to actually manifest their self proclaimed destiny as enslaving all beings within existence.

The SMCS within the Indigo Child’s human physical body integrates on a DNA level — from here the two split parts integrate further within the alignment of their cells so their entire human physical body is infused with the foundation of the SMCS in its completeness. This is the extent to which consciousness system takeover manifest within a being as who they become.

Here is what we choose to do: Eine Kryon – Parabel. The example of existence as how human beings experience themselves in this here moment as the manifested expression of the image and likeness of who we were is not saying much in this moment as I type these words as the living word as who I am and each are within the dimensions and in essence also each human being on earth is.

We also want to broach a couple of subjects that we didn’t get to in the first book about those who feel they were Indigo Children, but who are way too old to fit the age parameters we gave. As much as it is for beings to hear this as it is extremely difficult to comprehend, so it was for me and still is for that matter.

The process of consciousness to awareness so all in existence, each and every single human being, may stand within and as oneness and equality, to together stand up and take responsibility for existence to be able to design the manifested expression of heaven on earth as the experience of who we really are.