The Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo, or Kunzang Monlam, is good to say during earthquakes, a solar or lunar eclipse, at the Solstices or the end of the. A Buddhist discussion forum on Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.. The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo. Image:|frame|The Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra)] Prayer of Kuntuzangpo (Tib. ཀུན་བཟང་སྨོན་ལམ་, Kunzang.

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When your mind becomes full of pride There will arise thoughts praeyr competition and humiliation. Gradually the tendency of separation strengthens, And from this the circle of samsara begins.

Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

My emanations will continuously manifest In billions of unimaginable ways, Appearing in forms to help you beings who can be trained. You beings lack awareness because you are unmindful, And this is the basis of your going astray. Thanks for kutnuzangpo this. Very rich and quite wonderful. Who is online Users browsing this forum: You prqyer know a lot, but if you don’t put it into practice, it’s like dying of thirst on the shore of a great lake.

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo: – Dharma Wheel

From the ripening of these five wisdoms, The five original Buddha families emerge, And through the expanse of their wisdom The forty-two peaceful Buddhas appear. Let your consciousness kuntuzagnpo in its own natural state, Then your Awareness will be able to hold its own.


Thank you for posting it here! Earthquakes are uncannily unnerving even if you get through unscathed, been through some big ones myself. Hereafter, whenever a very powerful yogin With his or her Awareness radiant and free from delusion Recites this very powerful prayer, then all who hear it Will achieve enlightenment within three lifetimes. May you recognize your own Intrinsic Awareness.

Thus this self-manifesting display is free from defects. Definitely perfect for the devastation in Nepal. I, Kuntuzangpo, have realized the truth of this Ground, Free from cause and condition, Which is just this self-arising Awareness. A needle stitches up your clothes. And if you pray loudly so all can hear, Then beings of the three realms will be gradually liberated from suffering, Through the prayer of the yogin and will finally achieve enlightenment.

Prayer of Kuntuzangpo – Rigpa Wiki

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo: The best meditation is no meditation. From the beginning you beings are deluded Because you do not recognize the Awareness of the Ground. From this delusive state comes a sudden fainting away And then a subtle consciousness of wavering fear. Through my prayer, may all you beings recognize your Intrinsic Awareness!

I pray that all you beings of the three realms May realize the true meaning of the inexpressible Ground. Imputing unawareness means dualistic thoughts towards self and others.

By Increasing the habit of duality, by praising yourself and denigrating others, Your competitive mind will lead you to jealousy and fighting, And you will be born in the jealous God Realm, where there is much killing and injury From ,untuzangpo result of that killing, you will fall into the Hell Realm.


A boat delivers you to the other riverbank.

Then your Luntuzangpo will be able to hold its own. Praywr you achieve the kuntuzxngpo of equanimity! By being distracted, careless and unmindful, You beings will become dull, foggy and forgetful By being unconscious and lazy, you will increase your ignorance And the fruition of this ignorance will be to wander helplessly in the Animal Realm. A favorite of Garchen Rinpoche, and to be read especially on the solitices and the new year.

Dualistic thoughts create doubt. From this fear, the habit of anger becomes stronger and stronger. Realizing just this, you are a Buddha; Not realizing this, you are a being wandering in samsara.

Just relax in ease, then consciousness can hold its own natural state. Both kinds of unawareness are the basis for the delusion of all beings. There is not only nothingness because there is always, and always can manifest. Bodhicitta will bring you to Buddhahood.