International Law: A Treatise, Volume 1. Front Cover. Lassa Oppenheim. Longmans, Green, and Company, – International law. The Science of the Law of Nations in the Nineteenth Cen tury as represented by treatises. Collection of Treaties. Bibliographies. PART I. International Law: A Treatise, Lassa Oppenheim. Author, Lassa Oppenheim. Editor, Hersch Lauterpacht. Edition, 6, reprint. Publisher, Longmans, Green, .

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Publications Pages Publications Pages. Responsibility for Acts of Insurgents and Rioters Merits of the Monroe Doctrine. Treaty of Constantinople of Socalled International Lakes and Landlocked Seas. Objects in general of Treaties.

International Law. A Treatise. Volume 1 (of 2) by L. Oppenheim – Free Ebook

Departure from the Foreign Country. Bumboats in the North Sea Freedom of the Open Sea interntaional war. States the Subjects of the Law of Nations Intervention de facto a Matter of Policy. Importance of State Territory.


Succession of International Persons. No need for a Law of Nations during the Middle Ages. The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century.

International Law. A Treatise. Volume 1 (of 2) by L. Oppenheim

Responsibility varies with Organs concerned. Conception and Function of Ratification. Treaty of Washington of Protection to be oppeneim to Foreigners Persona and Pro perty.

Merits of Codification of International Law. Consuls subordinate to Diplomatic Envoys. Jurisdiction over Pirates and their Punishment. Extradition Treaties how arisen. Other Characteristics lasssa the position of the States within.

Case of the Franconia. Veto of third Powers. Political Hegemony of Great Powers. Page – No belligerent shall embark or disembark troops, munitions of war, or warlike materials in the canal, except in case of accidental hindrance of the transit, and in such case the transit shall be resumed with all possible dispatch.

U S Naval War Code. Position and Privileges of Consuls.

No need for a Law of Nations during the Middle Ages. Divisibility of Sovereignty contested. Account Options Sign in. Individuals Objects of the Law of Nations.


Position of Armed Forces abroad. Treaty of London of Oppenheim had left Imperial Germany with its nationalism and militarism.

Lassa Oppenheim (1858–1919) *

Convention for Preservation of Wild Animals in Africa. Navigation on National Boundary and not National Rivers. Ratification by whom effected.